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Verisign will increase the .com price from $7.85 to $8.39

Verisign announced today in its fourth quarter and full year 2020 results that it plans to increase the price of .com in 2021.

Verisign will increase the annual registry-level wholesale fee for each new and renewal .com domain name registration from $7.85 to $8.39, effective Sept. 1, 2021.

There are about 152 million domain name registrations .com today so Verisign will make about $82 million more in the next year following the price increase out of thin air.

Verisign will be able to increase the price of .com in the next 3 years as well.

Verisign will suck about $3 billion dollars out of the world economy just by having some powerful friends at ICANN.

Nice job from ICANNT and the US/Trump government for allowing Verisign to print money!!! The least ICANN deserves is what is now happening at Nominet.

Without a public tender for .com this is practically common theft using the .com monopoly. Read more details here.


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  1. I wonder if anyone here can recommend a new registrar who offers cheap prices with no hidden extras.

    I have been with my current supplier since around 2001 and bought thousands of domains over the years so I have preferential pricing.

    Suddenly, this supplier is using the Verisign price rise to hide a MASSIVE HIKE of around 50% which for around 200 domains is going to add $850 to my costs.

    Currently I pay around $8 to $9 for .com domains, based on the margin they were making before I would expect the new price to be around $9.50

    I can’t see anything online about .NET prices increasing but my supplier is using this .Com rise to add another MASSIVE HIKE also around 50%

    Your reported “Verisign promises not to raise .com and .net prices this year” in 2020 and that they had ability to increase by 7%, I gather the wholesale price was $9.02. A 7% price increase would take it to $9.65. So my supplier makes a similar amount on .NET domains. So I would be expecting to pay no more than $10.65.

    I would be very grateful if someone can recommend a supplier who values my business, has no hidden extras (I get free which has very little value now that we have GDPR).

    Ideally they should support MX redirects independently of where the domain points or the ability to create emails to redirect even if using default nameservers.

    I am totally disgusted with this company that has had tens of thousands from me over the years.

    I will not pay this, I may renew the domains at current price but then move them to another registrar.

    Alternatively I may do same but just sell up, either way, if they go ahead this obscene price gouging I will make sure that over 200 domains are moved away and recommend all the people I have referred to them over the last 20 years to do the same.

    Please also give me an idea of what you are paying for .com and/or .net domains

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      You can try Dynadot, Namesilo, DomainCostClub (everything at cost) etc.

    • is also an option – their prices are very low, no hidden fees. I expect they will also increase their prices come September due to the Verisign wholesale price increase, but from experience, it probably won’t be a drastic hike and within the 7 % margin.

      Currently, they charge $5.99 for a .com registration and $8.29 for renewals.!/

      • Thanks VK

        Prices definitely worth considering, their Trustpilot is a bit concerning, apparently they are not in California but in China or who knows where.

        I will probably give them a test domain to see how they cope with a transfer etc.

        I like to have all my domains in one place but risky if they do not get the basics right.

  2. Any suggestions welcome?

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