DAN now gives you the option to publish your domain sales

DAN announced today on Twitter that it is giving sellers the option to publish their domain name sales:

“We have just introduced our revamped privacy policy for publishing domain sales. In your privacy settings, you can now select if you wish to publish your sales or not. We highly advise you to enable the feature. It will be beneficial for you but also the industry.

So DAN will soon start posting domain name sales publicly or a weekly or maybe monthly report.

Aishwin Vikhona asked on Twitter if the new option will apply to past sales too. I highly doubt that but we can wait DAN to confirm.


It seems that the default option of the new feature is publishing the domain sales.

So if you want to disable it you login into your DAN account. Click on “Settings” and then on “Privacy” and then at “Sales privacy settings” you need to tick next the text below and click “Save”.

“Would you like to publish your sales or keep them private?


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  1. Thanks for the information!

    Well, we will continue not to publish our sales, but it is nice to have feature when we change our mind in future maybe 🙂

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