How I saved money using the GoDaddy Discount Domain Club and the silent fix!

The GoDaddy website sucks. Anyone that deals with GoDaddy on a daily basis knows it. It is full of bugs, inconsistencies, old and new systems contradicting, etc.

On Saturday I complained about the crazy expensive .us renewals price of $19.99 and pointed out the fact that according to the GoDaddy website the Discount Domain Club offered no discount on .us domains. A few readers pointed out that they were paying $7.99 for .us renewals using the GoDaddy Discount Domain Club.

I believed them (and not the GoDaddy website that said $19.99) and bought a yearly membership for the GoDaddy Discount Domain Club. There is only the option to buy a yearly membership (no monthly option) and that costs $119.88. But I used a coupon code at checkout and paid $85.72 for the membership.

So I then clearly saw that the .us renewals were discounted to $7.99. So I paid for my 15 .us expired auctions and saved $94.28.

And I still have a year’s worth of the GoDaddy Discount Domain Club to save even more on expired auction renewals.

The truth that anyone that buys a lot of GoDaddy expired domains needs to have a membership on the Discount Domain Club. You only need to buy 9 .com domains per year to start saving. The .com domains are discounted from $17.99 to $8.29. (Or you need to buy 26 .com domains per year if you use a coupon code like I did.)

The silent fix

So today I checked and the GoDaddy website has been fixed to reflect the real .us renewal price: $7.99.



It is funny how no GoDaddy representative responded to my post or tweet and yet they made the change to their website over the weekend. They made what I call the silent fix.

They didn’t even try to inform me of what the real .us price was.

Oh well… You can be the judge of that.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and now live in Athens, Greece. I love domains and building websites. I am online since 1995, learned about HTML in 1996 and about domains in 2002. I started publishing the blog in 2012.

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  1. Ah yes, “the hostage tax”

    Minimum oneyear commitment required!

    I too have acquiesced. Thanks as always, Stay safe


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