.Club 2019 premium sales report

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Since its launch .CLUB  has earned total premium name revenue of $7.7 million USD. .CLUB is close to its sixth year of operation. They created 3 major programs and products to assist end-users to have easy access to .CLUB premium names.

Here is how .CLUB describes the 3 programs:

  • Names.club: Every business needs a meaningful, memorable, brandable domain name. With a wide choice of meaningful new domain extensions (.club, .shop, .Miami, .Online, etc.), there is no reason to make up or misspell words. Names.club was started to focus on businesses that need a powerful, SEO-friendly, keyword domain that is perfect for their brand and online presence. The Names.club platform has both Easy payments (see below) and one-time purchase payment options.
  • Easy Payments: At Names.club we offer a 60-month easy payment plan option where buyers can pay for their chosen .CLUB (and other) premium names in 60 no-interest monthly payments after an initial 15% down payment. This gives entrepreneurs and startups cost-effective access to a great portfolio of brandable domain names.
  • Broker/Affiliate Program: The Names.club broker program is an affiliate program where domain broker, agencies, etc. can earn a commission on selling names listed at Names.club. Brokers get a custom code that gives their customers a 5% discount, and the broker/affiliate gets a 10% commission on the sales they generate.

The Infographic below highlights the various sources of .CLUB’s 2019 premium name sales. It also includes the performance of the 60-month easy-pay financing programs for .CLUB names. The Tier Premium program through the registrar channel continues to be the greatest driver of premium sales, and those results are presented in the infographic as well. and the Tier premium sales through registrars.


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