Alarming Coronavirus messages in domain inquiries

I have put up a contact form on a lot of my domains and I get quite a few odd requests on a variety of subjects instead of valid domain name inquiries. Most of the time it is people that get the wrong website and don’t understand what the contact form is for. I usually don’t reply to any of these messages except to those that fall in the “you charged my credit card” category because I simply didn’t and I want people to quickly understand they got the wrong website.

In the past few days I have seen a shift to many requests regarding coronavirus information but I also got a couple of alarming messages from people in the US and the UK. I think it is a reflection on what is truly going on planet earth these days.I can’t help but worry for these people. If anyone knows how to help or redirect any of these people (first message is especially worrying) please let me know.

Here is one message from New York:

Hi, I’m in a shelter in NY. It’s called CUCS in Park Slope at 174 Prospect Pl
We were sure who to contact about this but with the CoronaVirus going on they are forgetting about those of us who live in shelters. They are now making up rules as they go and causing chaos in the shelter. We can’t sit together at tables or pray together but they put us 6 to a room and won’t enforce some living in the shelter to bathe or take care of themselves to protect us. We have no paper towels in bathrooms or hand sanitizer. The food they have been serving us is undercooked and making people sick. Which causes more health concerns. At this point if we go into a quarantine it’s not only going to be a health concern but mass chaos.

This is a message from Florida:

i have lost my job due to the coronavirus and i am in need some some serious help. anything you could do would be much appreciated.

And here is one from London, UK:

I developed a fever and cough in Wednesday the 11th of march. I self isolated for the recommended 7 days. After 2 days I didn’t have a fever but even now I still feel unwell and have a chesty cough. I am taking further day off work and they require me to produce a sick note. Please let me know how I go about getting one. Thank you very much

Finally, I would also like to note the increase in traffic in a domain name I have that is related to creating a will.


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  1. Ugh… that is sad… I’m donating money to various charities and organizations.

  2. “I am taking further day off work and they require me to produce a sick note. Please let me know how I go about getting one. Thank you very much”

    Then all you have to do is just go onsite and cough on the employer and s/he will know sick you are.

    Your employer is an A-Hole!!

  3. What type of Domain is it that you are getting these?

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Many different ones.

      • Unless you mention the domain names (seemingly you’re not prepared to because if you were, surely you would have) and are prepared to be judged by your registration choices, :), it’s a bit of a non starter for anyone else. 😀

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        This is not about domain names…

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