PIR agrees to ICANN decision extension

PIR agrees to give ICANN an extension for deciding whether to accept or deny the transfer of the .org extension.

Meanwhile “No Ethos Capital” tries to strengthen the PIC and .ORG Stewardship Council.

See the PIR announcement today:

PIR has engaged extensively with the .ORG Community over the past month. We participated in multiple community engagements, joined the public fora at ICANN’s meeting last week, and recently completed a public consultation process. This week’s decision by Ethos Capital to further strengthen the voluntary, legally-enforceable Public Interest Commitment (PIC) and the .ORG Stewardship Council in response to the comments we received, we believe, affirms Ethos’ intention of being a good steward of the domain. To ensure ICANN and the California Attorney General’s office, with which we have been communicating, have the time they need to address any outstanding questions regarding the transaction, especially in light of current events, we have agreed to an ICANN deadline extension to April 20th. We look forward to ICANN’s decision by this date.


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  1. Thanks for this. i think it’s important to have a date in mind, even if you’re not buying what they’re selling….

    So many things going not just .org -nice have least a date.

    Pardon the 420 pun, Konstantinos, thanks for researching.



  2. If you were a betting man does this deal happen?


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