DAN: fully automated ownership verification

DAN.COM announced today a new feature giving sellers the option for fully automated ownership verification for domain listings.

The fully automated ownership verification is accomplished by adding a unique verification nameserver (different for every DAN account) as the third nameserver to complement the two standard nameservers (NS1.DAN.COM & NS2.DAN.COM) for all your domains.

You can find the new feature at your DAN account settings. Visit the “Ownership” section to get started.

See here how to enable fully automated ownership verification:

Automated Ownership Verification

Please add the unique verification nameserver listed below as the third nameserver to complement our standard nameservers (NS1.DAN.COM & NS2.DAN.COM) for your domains.

Once you’ve added the verification nameserver, we will automatically check daily if you’ve become the new owner of a domain listed at DAN.COM and move those domains to your account.


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  2. Dan is much needed innovation in this space

    It will be the nail in the coffin for sedo!

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