Sedo Introduces Domain Name “Owner Self-Verification”

sedoSedo announced today that they launched a new feature  today.

With the new domain name Ownership Self-Verification, the ownership status of your domains won’t have to be checked manually anymore. This way they have eliminated the risk of domains being put into the wrong account.

Your account now features a personal verification ID, which you’ll need to enter at your registrar once only. Using this ID we‘ll be able to verify ownership of your domains automatically and instantly. (See “how-to“). For self-verifying parked domains you can use the CNAME solution.

However, Sedo is still working on a better solution for parked domain names and recommends waiting a little bit until that is in place, before you use CNAME for the new self-verification process.


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  1. Bored and decided to try it. It is not automatic and instant. 4 hours and counting for the first one tried.

  2. I listed 10 domains a few days ago using owner verification and it took about 3 hours. Today I list 12 domains, it’s been 2 hours and still not verified. I don’t think the word “instant” is applicable in this instance.

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