Save .ORG infographic #SaveDotOrg

Access Now published an infographic on Twitter about saving the .ORG extension.

“It’s not too late to #SaveDotOrg. This infographic explains why civil society across the globe is fighting to stop the sale & keep our digital home safe. Please share it & sign the #SaveDotOrg petition.”

Here is the #savedotorg infographic by Access Now:

Please share the infographic and sign the #SaveDotOrg petition at

To learn more about the .org extension issue read here:

Screwed: .ORG gets sold to a private equity firm called Ethos Capital

New website (full of BS, lies and omissions) created about the .ORG sale

Let’s sue ICANN

ICANN pretends to care while ISOC and PIR have something to hide

The case of the $2,500 .org domain name


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  1. Been sharing it a bit. TBH, while I’m definitely glad they did this, and they definitely should be commended for it, I think the graphic is really rather cluttered, compressed, too densely packed, needs more visual contrast too. You notice that for sharing size, whereas above it’s so nicely large. But at least they did something, which is a lot more than I’ve done, so don’t get me wrong.

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