Sedo selling warehoused domains on the “Expiring Domains” platform

In the past few months Sedo started auctioning expired domain names and also created a dedicated expiry auction page:

Sedo is auctioning expired domains from the German registrar 1&1 IONOS. Sedo and 1&1 IONOS are part of the same group of companies.

But Sedo is not just auctioning expired domains in the “Expiring Domains” platform. So people that only buy expired domains must beware.

I checked the domains included in the Expiring Domains Newsletter that I receive weekly by email. Each emails included the top 15 domains selected by Sedo.

So In the past 5 weeks there were 75 domains in the Newsletter. 16 out of the 75 domains are NOT expired domains.

These are just domains that have been warehoused by DomCollect (another company in the group) in the past few years and are just added in the “Expiring Domains” platform.

Warehoused domains are called the domains that expire and the registrar takes ownership and sells them.

Here are a few example domains from the 5 expiring newsletters that were not expired domains:

Sedo adds over 2,000 new domains daily on the platform and there is an option to download all 15,000+ running auctions including their metrics as a CSV file. Sedo domain name auctions last for 7 days.

I didn’t check the complete list but I am sure more warehoused domains can be found in there. This is probably done by Sedo because they want to sell their inventory in expiring auctions that typically sell for more money than regular auctions.

Sedo brokers are pumping some of these domains on Twitter and when confronted with the truth they thought it was kinda funny having non-expired domains on a platform called “Expiring Domains”. It is not like Sedo doesn’t have a separate platform for pre-owned domains!


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  1. In the real world, if the packaging completely mis-portrays the product, it’s illegal! It’s false advertising at the worst. His quirky little, “”That might be the case but it is stil in the Expiring Domains auction :)” was just a spit in the face. Sedo scam alert.

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