Undeveloped.com re-names to DAN.COM and launches Domain Automation Network with IBM

Undeveloped.com re-names to DAN.COM and introduces the blockchain powered Domain Automation Network in partnership with IBM.

Amsterdam-based company Undeveloped BV announced the launch of DAN.COM: the Domain Automation Network.

With the Domain Automation Network, Undeveloped claims “it solves the most significant problems in the domain industry by creating a new backend infrastructure to handle both simple and complex domain transactions and transfers, fully automated and transparent powered by blockchain.”

A lot of new features are active now, ranging from automated domain transfers to the use of smart contracts and the introduction of a new WHOIS 2.0 format, powered 100% by blockchain. You do not have to worry about who is liable for the content hosted on a domain you rent or lease.

Average domain delivery speed of domains at DAN.COM:

The above is a snapshot of data from DAN beta testing. In the coming period, they will continue implementing improvements to keep decreasing the average delivery time until we reach instantly delivery across 95% of all TLDs.

DAN.COM says it is now the only marketplace in the domain industry that can handle domain transactions fully automated and can hold domains at its own registrar when the domain is under a payment plan or is being rented.

“Through process automation, we are making premium domains affordable again. The average sale price of domains on the secondary market currently is $3.161. The better the brand, the higher the price tag.

Today, at DAN.COM you can purchase high-quality domains that would yesterday cost you a small fortune, starting from just $10 a month.”

There is a blog post explaining all the changes here.

Here are some more details about DAN.com shared by Undeveloped in a press release:

The domain industry needs change

The domain industry nowadays finds itself in a very outdated and inefficient state. It suffers from complicated workarounds which make it inefficient. Usable and available registered domains are hard to find and have become too expensive.

Some facts and figures: in total there are 334 million registered domains, of which 147 million are unused! The average price on the secondary market for a domain is €2.759 which means there are €405 billion illiquid assets. Time for disruption, and that’s what DAN.COM will bring to the table.

DAN.COM: the future infrastructure for domain ownership and marketplaces

This game changing network will be the catalyst of innovation in the market. It created a platform where making a change of control and ownership of digital brands easier, safer and instant. The use of blockchain technology makes it possible to automate processes required to provide trust-less domain transfers, also referred to as escrow. Escrow automation also makes it possible to introduce new domain purchase and use models like renting domains, lease to own, fractional domain ownership and domain exchange in a scalable and frictionless way. IBM.com created a use case to highlight the good use of emerging technology like blockchain at DAN.COM for process automation.

Undeveloped - DAN.COM : the Domain Automation Network

DAN.COM offers a simple API to allow the entire industry to use the network

DAN.COM offers access to its network to anyone via a simple API. The Domain Automation Network has its own registrar to keep domains in escrow and its own payment gateway. Anyone can easily build their own domain marketplace for example and use the Domain Automation Network’s API to handle all their domain payments & transfers from one person/registrar to another.

The Unused Domain Pool

One of the key components of DAN.COM will be the Unused Domain Pool, designed to create the ultimate registered but unused domain inventory and distribution network. The DAN network will provide automated domain transfer services for all domains in the network regardless of where transactions are initiated. The UDP will be launched in Q4 of 2019.

ABOUT Undeveloped BV

Undeveloped BV is the operator of the domain name marketplace DAN.com. The scale-up is growing +200% year over year for the last 3 years and backed by a Dutch and Austrian VC.


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  1. BFD…so what new!!

    Will it sell more domains?

    Will they provide data on how many domains were sold and how much?

    There are so many platforms now that you just don’t which one is the most reliable.

    • The only one with distribution is Godaddy/Afternic. The others will just rely on you bringing the buyer and so can be mostly forgotten. It certainly isn’t worth paying them much of a commission when they are just closing the customers that the domain already brings.

  2. satyadeep singh

    can i log in undevloped user name or create new

  3. When was the change from Undeveloped BV to DAN.com?

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