Thiink.com sold for $50,000. Did I miss something?

I see some domain names sell for high prices everyday. I mean domains that I don’t see much value into.

Most of the times if you make a Google search then you will probably find some data that will bring some sense into these sales.

Of course I will see a lot of underpriced domains so it might just be that people have different valuation methods, different background, different needs and motivation and at the end of the day different taste!

Today Namebio reported that the domain Thiink.com was sold for $50,000 at DigitalStrategies.Marketing.

I had never heard of this website before but I visited it today and found that it is owned by Kathy Nielsen. Kathy does domain name consulting and previously worked for Sedo and the .Green registry.

So this sale I don’t really get of Thiink.com. I understand how a seller can have a firm price and a motivated buyer can come along. But I don’t see much value in this name that doesn’t even pass the radio test.

Thiink.com was registered in 2004 and I see that the .net, .org, .biz and .us domains were registered in 2018.

I see that there are a couple of companies using “thiink” domain names around the globe like thiink.com.au, thiink.co.za and thiink.in.

The domain is behind whois and the domain is not resolving yet at the purchase was probably completed on the 12th of May.

So I am sure that the seller got a great deal. Not sure about the buyer…


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  1. I think you mean’t to say “Seller” in the last line.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think the seller probably became aware some well-heeled companies were operating on the country-code domains, then priced accordingly.

  3. Thiink.com was sold for $50k??? lol whaat?!)) probably the buyer was drunk or something like that..

    ThinkGirl.com was sold for $8k on Godaddy

  4. If you don’t understand why it was sold for 50K, you’re in the wrong business.

  5. This is just one of the hints why:


  6. Great name…here are some details and uses…over 120 websites have it in their name.

    Many many top level too.


    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Thhink is inside 38 websites. That doesn’t make either of the names a good idea.
      I can see the name selling for maybe $5k. Kathy must be a great negotiator!

  7. The buyer is obviously incredibly stupid to brand on a such a domain and then pay $50k for the .com version. The fact that multiple companies are using the same term is really saying something.

    The seller played this right, even if the name its gf3456ghd.com, if multiple people are branding on that term you price it high.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Yes, it says something. It says all these people have no clue about branding and marketing.

      • Well look at the idiots who use new tlds, and .io’s. Whilst the actual % is small it is still probably thousands of people

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        There was never a shortage of idiots.

    • Guys, please desist from insulting people whose values you are not agreeing with.

      In my opinion, Thiink is an innovative brand name just like Fiverr is. There is definitely nothing wrong with that. You might want to learn more about branding.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        Fiverr is a bad bad bad name. So many companies had these smart-ass names and changed them…
        Values? Bad taste and ignorance of past mistakes is a value?

      • Fiverr is a $5 name, it is not innovative, it just whatever they could find.

        Spending $50,000 on a confusing name like thiink.com is madness. With that budget they could have got a good name and avoided the endless problems they will now have trying to communicate that name to people.

  8. Seller played cards well for a truly horrible name. Lesson to us all.

  9. Just like Flickr.com, it’s brandable, end user rules.

  10. I have sold many brandable domain names that can’t pass the radio test in 5 figures range.
    The lastest one is LOGOL.COM sold for $10,000

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if I saw a name like Thiink.com sold for mid 5 figures.

  11. I am always happy with anyone’s good sale. I don’t get why some domainers insist on driving the market down.

  12. It is easy to look at a business like fiverr.com and say they did well with their domain, but I have been a Fiverr user for 10 years and still get their domain wrong sometimes. I would say they did well despite having a bad domain, not because of it.

    I totally get why an existing company like think.com.au would pay $50,000 for the .com version, but that does not mean the domain has any inherent value.

  13. Why does this seller have some a horrible home page URL
    , let’s hope they take their portion of money, and buyer a better home URL.

    Edito.com just sold for close to $30k, so maybe some of you are quoting to cheap, as users want to pay more.

  14. Konstantinos Zournas

    Buyer might be right paying this much if he was committed to this name and the seller would not lower his/her price.
    And seller was smart enough to set his/her price this high for such a mediocre name.
    The main problem is the initial branding decision. This is client confusion and missed emails galore!

  15. And it has all if you talking, you thiink?

  16. It’s fascinating how domain names can sometimes sell for high prices, even when their value might not be immediately obvious. I think you’re absolutely right that different people have different perspectives on domain valuations. In this case, Thiink.com selling for $50,000 does seem surprising, especially when it doesn’t pass the “radio test” as you mentioned.
    As an active domain investor, Spamzilla and Bishopi’s Fresh Drops https://bishopi.io/tools/fresh-drops are generally gems. I hope one day I will sell some of my domains for 50k+.

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