UChat.com sells for $20,000 while Archeo Domains(Marchex) sold YouChat.com back in July

I noticed in the Go Daddy/Afternic domain name sales report that the domain UChat.com was sold $20,000 in December 2013. The domain was sold by a New Jersey company named Internet Source Communications LLC. The company owns a lot of keyword domains including WhiteHouse.com, that btw is parked, and MyNews.com. The company also owns  A LOT of “sucks” domain names such as ciscosucks.com or dodgesucks.com.

By some strange coincidence, that I will keep as a secret for now, I think I know who the buyer is although the domain is registered with Go Daddy and behind whois privacy.

In July 2013 BuyDomains sold the YouChat.net to the Acesse Corporation for $1,230.

At around the same time, July 2013, Archeo Domains, a division of Marchex Sales, LLC, sold the domain name YouChat.com for an undisclosed amount. This sale has not yet been reported and may be under an NDA. I bet it was for at least 50k USD based on past Marchex sales. Maybe Archeo/Marchex will release the amount with it’s 2013 financial report. I found out by searching the whois history at DomainTools.com and of course because the domain name now features the website for the YouChat iPhone app that is developed by the Acesse Corporation. The domain name YouChat.com is also behind whois privacy.

YouChat.net is the only domain name that is not behind whois privacy and is still parked.

Because of all this I can bet that the domain UChat.com was bought by the Acesse Corporation and it is wise purchase, securing an alternative spelling.

The seller of UChat.com, Internet Source Communications LLC, also owns the domain name utalk.com.


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  1. Hi there Konstantinos, I am wondering what your thoughts are regarding the .international Gtld is. I have bought a lot of them and was hoping you could give me some idea of what you think about the potential. you can mail me at mjb12345@gmail.com if you like

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