Trending domain name keywords: keto, property, trial, legal, litigation, custody

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The top 10 trending keywords registered in .COM and .NET domain names during the month of January 2019 were published by Verisign, the .com and .net registry.

You can find the list from last month here.

My experience shows that 700 or 800 (or even less) domain registrations are enough to bring a keyword into the top 10.

There was on common keyword in the 2 lists: keto.

I had to google what keto is. It turns out a keto or ketogenic diet is a very low-carb diet, which can supposedly help you burn fat more effectively. It seems to me it is somehow dangerous if not done properly or without your doctor approving it. But again all diets need to be done correctly.

The 2 lists also have a lot of legal keywords.

Top 10 Keyword Registration Trends for .COM and .NET in January 2019:



keto property
crew designs
trial keto
custody legal
plumbing film
sets garage
litigation long
sarah cheap
wifi like
lens truck
*Note: Each list was developed by examining keyword registration growth relative to the preceding month, such that those keywords with the highest percentage of registration growth are being reported on. This method is used to eliminate commonly registered keywords, such as “online” and “shop,” to provide a true look at monthly trends. In order to be included, a keyword must experience a minimum threshold in registration growth month over month. Qualifying keywords with the highest volume of registrations are then ranked and included in the list.

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