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.HOMES will be launching as an unrestricted TLD

Dominion Registries, the registry of the new extension .HOMES, will be removing the current restrictive Nexus eligibility requirements. Anyone will be able to register or acquire available General Availability (GA) or premium names starting 14 January, 2019.

Up until January 14 you must be an individual or a legal entity with a bona-fide nexus to the .HOMES sector so you can register, renew, or accept the transfer of a .HOMES domain name. The eligibility criteria will no longer be effective as of 14 January 2019 at 16:00 UTC. The eligibility criteria as currently defined will be enforced for all registrations submitted prior to that time.

Available domain names include names such as vacation.homes, tiny.homes, foreclosed.homes, LongIsland.homes, BayArea.homes, Houston.homes, Chicago.homes, YourCompanyName.homes and others.

Pricing for standard GA .HOMES names is going to be significantly lower than it is now, and the lower pricing will be effective on January 14 as well. Most premium names will be offered in 7 price tiers via EPP and then yearly renewals will be at standard prices. Afilias is the backend registry provider. At the moment .Homes domains are registered and renewed at about $150 per year and are available in few registrars. Proxy registrations will be allowed starting on 14th of January.

Pinky Brand has taken Dominion Registries as a new client. Dominion Registries parent, Dominion Enterprises, own and operate ForRent.com, Homes.com and CycleTrader.com, among others, that generate nearly 30 million unique visits monthly. They have 3,000 employees in their Norfolk, Va. home office, across the U.S., and internationally.

Dominion Registries also own and operate .AUTOS, .BOATS, .YACHTS and .MOTORCYCLES. All were originally launched as restricted TLDs.

  • .BOATS eligibility requirements have already been removed with pricing to be reduced on 15 October.
  • .YACHTS eligibility requirements will be removed on 15 October and prices will be reduced.
  • .MOTORCYCLES will follow on 1 November with equally lower pricing.
  • .AUTOS remains restricted for now. Pinky Brand expects that this will change at some point in Q1 2019 with lower pricing as well.

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  1. Another useless and overpriced extension 🙁

  2. Hey Moo, normally I would agree with you.

    However, in this case, and now that the ridiculous Nexus requirements have been dispensed with, this extension might be one with a shot to gain some traction.

    See http://www.homesdomains.com for an example of how this extension could be marketed to real estate agents, brokers and representatives.


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