Michael Cyger explains all the features of the new Efty (video)

The New Efty went live just a few weeks back.

Pretty much all of the new features they shipped over the past few years were build on top of the original framework that was developed for Efty back in 2014 which resulted in a somewhat bloated application that wasn’t always as fast and bug-free as they like it to be.

“That’s why our development team set out to completely revamp the application, streamline the menus, simplify navigation and build a responsive layout for all devices and operating systems. The result is a platform with a strong emphasis on helping you make more money, by driving more sales and better reporting.”

With the new Efty, you can:

  • Create custom categories for your marketplace (yay!)
  • Rearrange the order of premium domains on your marketplace’s homepage.
  • Remove the Make Offer form from the marketplace (for your BIN domains)
  • Get in-app notifications for new inquiries and transactions.
  • Turn on/of logos in your marketplace or For-Sale landing pages.
  • Show listings on your marketplace in chronological or alphabetical order.
  • Activate two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security.
  • Quickly see which of your domain names are under review.
  • Publish a Privacy Policy page and active consent checkboxes on Make Offer forms.

Watch how Michael Cyger walks you through all of new Efty’s great features in the video below:


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