.EU suspends over 11,000 abusive domain names

On 21 June 2018, EURid, the .EU registry, suspended 11,760 domain names that were registered with non-eligible registration data, of which some have been reported for abuse.

With actions as such, .EU says that its focus is on the safety of online consumers. EURid work closely with law enforcement and our partners, both on a national and European level, as well as with their registrar channel, and they continue to work towards building “the most trustworthy online domain name space” as they say it, taking a stand against abusive registrations and illegal activity online.

“With our thorough internal verification procedure, we continuously monitor our domain names for potential abuse, leading to thousands of suspensions on an annual basis. Compared to 2017, where we suspended 20,126 abusive domain names, we’re up to 36,336 abusive domain name suspensions thus far in 2018.” said Geo Van Langenhove, EURid Legal Manager.

Learn more about the ways EURid is building a trustworthy .eu and .ею domain name space at trust.eurid.eu.


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