Hexonet locks all gTLD domains and gives new stronger authorization codes

HEXONET is preparing for the May 25th, 2018 European legislation called General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR for short) that protects the privacy and personal information of individuals living in the European Union.

HEXONET is expanding these protections for all its customers and resellers worldwide. Some preliminary work to specifically upgrade the security of all gTLD domain names will be completed by Hexonet:

  • New stronger authorization codes for all gTLD domain names
  • Transfer locking for all gTLD domain names
  • Only affects gTLD domain names like .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc
  • Does NOT affect ccTLD domain names like .UK, .DE, .CA, etc.
  • Update to occur anytime between May 22 and May 25, 2018
  • No further action is required by account holders.

Why the Security Update?

Without getting into the legal complexities of GDPR, the end result is that the previous Form of Authorization (FOA) for gTLD domain name transfers will no longer be valid. And without the FOA, the protections against domain theft that it provided will not work. As a replacement and to secure all domain names, HEXONET will be giving all gTLD domain names a newer and stronger authorization code, as well as, locking the domain names against transfer by default.

What are Authorization Codes?

A domain name authorization code is a secret code (password) that proves ownership of a domain name at the point of transfer to a new registrar. Registrants will be required to provide the proper authorization code for the respective domain name to their new registrar to initiate a transfer. The new registrar will then use the authorization code to start the domain name transfer away from the existing registrar. Without the correct authorization code, a domain name transfer will fail. After this authorization code security update, registrants may reset the respective authorization code for any gTLD domain name through the Control Panel or API.

What is a Transfer Lock?

Domain names can be prevented and locked from transfer to another registrar even if the domain’s authorization code is correctly provided. By locking domain names against transfer by default, this is a highly effective step in preventing unauthorized domain transfer. Registrants wishing to transfer a gTLD domain name to another registrar must first unlock it through the Control Panel or API before initiating a transfer with the correct authorization code. Please not that any gTLD domain name that is unlocked, will automatically be locked again after thirty (30) days.


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