Neustar moves its website from to Home.Neustar

Neustar, Inc. today announced that it has revamped its global website and that it is moving to its own .brand extension. Neustar’s new website is moving from to Home.Neustar

All of Neustar’s digital assets will utilize its new ‘.neustar’ TLD “to increase the effectiveness and stickiness of its online and offline communications.”

As of today, Neustar’s homepage resolves to and each of its solution areas can also be found on .neustar web addresses, such as, and

Neustar said in a press release: “As the world’s largest registry services provider and a global leader in managing and administering digital naming solutions, Neustar is committed to embracing the digital future and driving the connected world forward. Creating trusted interactions in a connected world remains paramount to growing and guarding any organization and because “.neustar” can only be used by Neustar solutions and services, customers who visit sites that use the new TLD can be certain that the information they contain is reliable and trustworthy. In addition, the new TLD offers unparalleled global brand value for Neustar and its solutions, as “.neustar” is easy to remember and it is an equally effortless brand identifier in all marketing collateral, online and offline.”

Neustar continued saying: “Neustar is one of the first organizations to move its existing web address to a domain ecosystem it fully controls, allowing it to streamline the customer experience, enhance security for customers, simplify the online navigation, and deliver a plethora of advertising campaigns aimed at creating memorable and personalized interactions. The user experience will also undoubtedly become easier and more intuitive as customers will be able to use shorter web addresses that will bring them directly to the information they want instead of going through a lengthy and distracting online search process. In celebration of Neustar’s new digital identity, it is running an advertising campaign (“Unleashing the Power of Your .Brand”) to highlight the unique ways in which branded TLDs can be used in today’s connected world.”

“It’s time for organizations to take back ownership of their digital brand and create efficient pathways for customers to find the online content they’re looking for,” said Tony Kirsch, Head of Professional Services, Registry Solutions, Neustar.

“Hundreds of globally admired brands like Canon, Google, Barclays and Audi have already launched brand TLDs as the foundation of their future digital brand identity. We believe this is the next evolution of the internet – whereby organizations can put the power back into the hands of the consumer and reap the rewards of direct customer relationships. As Neustar takes on one of its most memorable journeys yet, we are proud to take this extra step to truly align our corporate strategy with our digital strategy and further our role in leading this incredibly important movement.”

As an early adopter of brand TLDs, Troels Oerting, Chief Information Security Officer for Barclays Group, stated, “the launch of these…domain names creates a simplified online user experience, making it crystal clear to our customers that they are engaging with a genuine Barclays site.”


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