Neustar Launches One Of The First .Brands: .neustar

Neustar, the .biz and .us registry, launched what is one of the very first .brand New gTLDs: .neustar. The website is located at

Neustar currently intends for the .neustar gTLD to be used exclusively by Neustar and its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates. Neustar intends to use the gTLD for its own branding purposes only.

dotneustarNeustar has been selected as

the registry services provider for 300+ applications for new generic Top-Level domains (gTLDs). Additionally, Neustar has been selected by the City of New York as the registry service provider to manage the application process and operate .nyc.

Here is the Neustar post about the .neustar launch:
For 20 years, the Internet has known just 22 domain name extensions, such as .com, .net and .org.

Starting this year, however, thousands of branded and generic top level domains (TLDs) like .Citibank, .kpmg, .nyc, .club, .buzz and .uno will change the online landscape.

To lead the way, we launched .neustar this week, kicking off our own branded TLD with a new webpage at

As the leader in the new TLD registry space, we’re planning to use .neustar to showcase and enjoy the benefits and opportunities that new TLDs offer: benefits like brand recognition, search optimization, URL flexibility and increased customer trust.

And by using our very own piece of the internet for everything from marketing campaigns and product launches, to events, customer stories, and more, we’ll be showing thousands of other brands and new TLD applicants that we “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk.”

In a few months, we’ll have the ability to launch additional .neustar sites to build our new online presence. Until then, please visit and stay tuned for more information on new TLDs and the changing Internet landscape.


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  1. Besides of application fee, what is aprox. cost of such TLD for each year? Does ICANN charge some fee each year?

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