.London launches marketing campaign on London Underground, billboards, digital & TV advertising

.London is launching a new marketing campaign.

This new localised campaign aims to encourage London’s small businesses to show pride in their association with the capital, to help increase brand awareness, encourage new registrations and showcase current customers to help highlight the benefits of the city-based domain name.

The London-focused campaign is made up of four key elements – out of home advertising across the London Underground and on prominent roadside billboards; digital and social media advertising; TV advertising; and business community outreach.

The advertising element of the campaign features illustrations and animation by SlimJim Studios, who has previously worked with brands such as Lucozade, Disney and Virgin Media. The adverts focus on fictional small businesses based in different areas around the capital, giving the campaign a strongly localised theme that Londoners can easily relate to.

For the business community outreach, Dot London is showcasing and empowering some of their key small business Dot Londoners. This includes a new testimonial video featuring interviews with Dot Londoners across three different business sectors; profile interviews in the Evening Standard’s Entrepreneurs page; and advice pieces across online business websites about how new businesses can best to set themselves up online.

Dan Hill, Head of Dot London, said: “Following extensive research with our current customers, the majority found that owning a Dot London domain name and being able to demonstrate pride in their city is key to their marketing strategies, helping them to build a strong, local brand identity.

“Our new campaign is about helping more small businesses understand that a Dot London domain should be a critical part of their online presence. By incorporating the city directly into their digital branding, businesses are immediately able to make a statement about where they are based, and show pride in their association with London.”

The out-of-home stage of the campaign will be running during October and November while the TV advertising will be live in January and February 2018. Both stages will be supported by an extensive online digital advertising programme.

Throughout the duration of the campaign, Dot London will be transforming their website into an interactive hub for Dot Londoners, aiming to galvanise businesses into networking and collaborating with each other. The aim of the website will be to provide a platform for Dot Londoners to share their experiences and help other businesses within the Dot London community. The transformation will continue beyond the campaign period.

Businesses currently using a Dot London domain name include the international meetings and conferences venue, ExCeL London; Prescott and Conran’s Shoreditch-based hotel and restaurant, Boundary; and London-based luxury health club brand, Third Space.

For more information about Dot London, visit www.makeyours.london.


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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Konstantinos. We’ll be launching LuxuryCars.London any day now.

  2. GTLD’s work best when it is Keyword.Extension

    KeywordKeyword.Extension sucks

  3. I’ve always been a fan of geo-targeted campaigns. I’m sure the .london campaign will be a big hit. 🙂

    • Not to many hits coming for gtld’s these days, love them or hate them, they are not exactly flourishing the end users continue to demand .com

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