Google’s project moves from a .ai domain to a .com

One of Google’s projects has moved its website from a .ai domain name to a .com domain name.

Dialogflow started as API.AI but now it is moving to an EMD .com:

The addition of new services, the new direction of the project and expected expansion prompted the change in domain names:

“When we started API.AI, our goal was to provide developers like you with an API to add natural language processing capabilities to your applications, services and devices. We’ve worked hard towards that goal and accomplished a lot partnering with all of you. But as we’ve taken a look at our work over the past year and where we’re heading, from new features like our Analytics tool to the 33 prebuilt agents, we realized that we were doing so much more than just providing an API. So with that, we’d like to introduce Dialogflow – the new name for API.AI.”

The domain name now redirects to

Google bought the domain name in September 2017 from the previous owner. The previous owner from Virginia, USA hand registered the domain in 2014. The domain was previously registered from 2005 until 2013 when it expired. The name actually remain free to register for over a year from 2013 to 2014!


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  1. I got …. Google, come and get it, give you good price 🙂

    • @DK you have a great premium domain and see Google: Apim Professional Association of Illustrators of Madrid. a broker can find buyer.
      or yourself look for another APIM qualifier.
      As I do with buy as expired domain but not know that Dyax was a BIO company acquired by another company.
      Not being able to sell because no one wants to search for these four words another qualifier in the end to be like: Domain Year ax (ax corresponds to an extension of ccTLD domain of a Island of Finland.) I publish on Twitter and an interested Broker

  2. When it comes down to business, not even Google can deny the power of .com for successfully naming, branding, marketing and scaling a company!

  3. .AI and .IO are for rookies and they are playing in the minor leagues. If you want to play with the big boys in the big leagues, you need to own a .COM domain name.
    A lot of .AI and .IO domain owners upgrade to .COM eventually anyway.

    • .io has more cashe then .ai and certainly used a lot in start ups when it comes to short names. If you want one word as a start up, you just cant do .com till you raised millions upon millions. So .io been catching on in that space as .com short altenrative. I own a couple of .ios and have has some good offers already. I also personally (in digital marketing) would use .io to build out a short one word brand.
      .com is always default option, but it is a premium option. Startup wants a catchy name, and 2 or 3 word .com is jut doesnt cut it. (and they still need to pay few gran even for meh .com) . I helped some start ups neggotiate their domains, and it is not easy. So with .io it short and some times hand range or few k, it is not big deal for them.

      • .io is a hacker domain extension.
        .tech domain extension is better option than .io if you cannot get .com

      • Mark, unless you mean develipers but hackers, and even then i would only partially agree. I work in NYC tech, and .io is start up domain, but not hacker (unless your definition is start ups). .tech is crap domain, and i say this actually owning one. .tech is too much on a nose.

  4. Single word is awesome for any extension; either old or new! ! Just my simple views…take it or leave it⚡️

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