Namejet auctions 39 1-2 character .ORG domain names in April – Project 94

Namejet will auction 39 1-2 character .ORG domain names starting April 6 as part of Project 94. In partnership with eNom, NameJet is now offering this exclusive list of Premium .ORG domains for auction. For more information, see What is Project 94?. The starting bid for all domains is $69 and the 39 auctions close on different dates spanning from the 6th of April up until the 15th of April.

When you place a valid backorder on a Project 94 .ORG domain at NameJet, you will be required at that time to supply additional information that the Registry will use to qualify you as a valid Registrant. Please be aware the Registry will directly review and reject any backorder application that either does not meet the criteria or any that are found to have provided invalid, fraudulent or blank information in the required fields. NameJet does not make the decision on who is qualified and will pass the information provided to the Registry for approval. All bidders are required to answer this question before making a bid:
“How do you intend to use the .ORG domain(s)?”
Please read the “.ORG PIR Usage Statement” below so you know what you should reply.

Project 94 domains are expected to go over $5000 after auctions open, so it is recommended that any qualified participant becomes a Nemejet Verified Bidder previous to the beginning of the auction.

Here is the complete list:

Domain Closing Date  4/6/2013  4/6/2013  4/6/2013  4/6/2013  4/6/2013  4/7/2013  4/7/2013  4/7/2013  4/7/2013  4/7/2013  4/8/2013  4/8/2013  4/8/2013  4/8/2013  4/8/2013  4/11/2013  4/11/2013  4/11/2013  4/11/2013  4/11/2013  4/12/2013  4/12/2013  4/12/2013  4/12/2013  4/12/2013  4/13/2013  4/13/2013  4/13/2013  4/13/2013  4/13/2013  4/14/2013  4/14/2013  4/14/2013  4/14/2013  4/14/2013  4/15/2013  4/15/2013  4/15/2013  4/15/2013

As part of Project 94, from March 18 to 28, 2013, Go Daddy Auctions is offering 42 rare, valuable one and two character .org domain names. Starting today, if you want to participate in the auction, you can request approval. The 42 domains have starting prices from $10 to $50,000. One letter .org domains have a starting price of $50,000, 2 letter .org domains have a starting price of $1,000 and the 2 character domains have a $10 starting price.

.ORG PIR Usage Statement

Project94 is the allocation of 94 1-2 character .ORG domain names that have never been released for registration. These names will be made available to registrants who not only reflect the core attributes of the .ORG domain but also reinforce the trust and value of the .ORG brand.

Consistent with the Registry’s mission to provide a trusted platform for the expression of ideas, knowledge, and causes which promote the public good on the Internet, qualified applicants are those whose mission and purpose are consistent in all respects with promoting positive influences for the betterment of society. Subject to these criteria and without limiting the possibilities, the following are examples:

  • Wiki or wiki-like organizations, which provide and promote collaborative education and information forums.
  • Local community groups, who use or intend to use one or more of the Domain Names to foster and promote public good.
  • Educational organizations
  • Sports teams and/or sport-related organizations
  • Non-profit/charity/advocacy organizations
  • Open Source/collaborative project organizations
  • CSR, fundraising, or charity organizations
  • Commercial enterprises that offer non-harmful goods or services to the public on a non-discriminatory basis

Applicant agrees that their intended use is consistent with the mission of the Registry and acknowledges that any improper use of the domains or failure to comply with the stated mission will be a violation of these terms. Applicant must certify that all information provided by the applicant is in the usage statement is true and correct.


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