Go Daddy’s Project 94 .org auction gets a 1 week silent extension

Go Daddy’s Project 94 .org auction was supposed to end today. Instead auctions end 1 week from now. Go Daddy decided on a 1 week “silent” extension. There has not been any mention anywhere for this extension and of course no reasoning.

The only reasoning for this decision would be Go Daddy’s greed. The auction was supposed to run for 10 days, from March 18 to 28, 2013, offering 42 rare, valuable one and two character .org domain names. Now auctions will end up lasting a whopping 17 days. The problem is that there have been very few bids and that is a result of Go Daddy’s arrogance. One letter .org domains don’t have a single bid because of the $50,000 starting price and of course because of Go Daddy’s unreasonable request for a $5,000 deposit for  total bids over $50,000.

One letter .org domains have a starting price of $50,000, 2 letter .org domains have a starting price of $1,000 and the 2 character domains have a $10 starting price.

Even total bids of $2,500 to $50,000 require a $100 deposit that you can’t actually use for the auctions. Last time I checked you can’t make a combined payment using both GoodAsGold funds and a different payment option such as a credit card.

Even 2 letter .org domains don’t have many bids. TS.org is leading with $4,000 but another 5 2 letter domains have bids of not more than $1,025.

Will there be any 1 letter .org sales? I don’t think so, unless an end user wants to invest in one of those domains AND they have planned ahead and made the $5,000 deposit risking they don’t win and they never see that money again. Deposits are non refundable. I will certainly will not be making a single bid in this auction.

Here is the complete list of the 42 domains.


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