I won a GoDaddy expired auction! But where is my domain name?

The only thing I know for sure here is that I won a domain name in a GoDaddy expired auction 10 days ago.

It was a .us expired domain name that I won on the 28th of May. I paid for it 2 days later.

The domain name is registered in Domain.com which I believe is a GoDaddy expired domain name auction partner. This means that expired domain names from the Domain.com registrar are auctioned at the GoDaddy expired auction platform.

1 or 2 days after the auction the domain name whois changed from the previous owner to “NameFind LLC”. Whois also said this in the ‘contact name’: “Afternic Transfer Service – Transfer Pending”.

So I was expecting a domain name transfer from Domain.com to GoDaddy. The transfer I have paid for on top of the auction winning bid. That hasn’t happened.

Instead I checked on the 6th of June and the domain was in a “pendingDelete” status! I was a bit worried but .us domains can be restored within 30 days after they go into pending delete status. I checked on the 7th and the “pendingDelete” status is gone.

I have no idea what is going on and who screwed up. But I know that I still (today the 8th of June) don’t have the domain name I have paid for even though GoDaddy says (on the auction status) that the domain was going to be in my account on the 4th of June.

All the other domain names that I won on the same and were registered with GoDaddy are in my account since the 5th of June and whois shows my details.

Let’s see what happens as my domain name sits at Domain.com without a “pending transfer” status yet.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Andrea Paladini

    I’m surprised you are still purchasing .us names … 🙂 … IMHO it’s a semi-dead extension, we never purchased any.
    That said, sometimes with domains won at GD auctions which are with other Registrars it happens, it can take more days than expected, they use a “Namefind LLC” account to transfer them and something can slow down the whole transfer, it occurred to us as well with some .coms.

  2. Godaddy is a terrible company with terrible service. I sold a domain thru them a couple weeks ago and still have yet to receive payment. I have called over 6 times and have send auctions@godaddy.com multiple emails, but the excuse is always the same “It’s not my department”, but then they never transfer you to the right department because apparently the Godaddy Auctions team doesn’t want anything to do with helping their customers. What does the Godaddy Auctions team even do if they don’t help customers? Bid up their own auctions? I can’t believe they are so reclusive that they want nothing to do with their customers. Is it just one guy wanking himself to the Godaddy Girls all day, he must be busy, too busy to have anything to do with customers!

    Funny you just did this blog post because I am currently on hold with them trying once again to get anywhere with them, let’s hope! At least I am speaking with a women now that doesn’t have a chip on her shoulder like most of them do.

    I have transferred all of my domains from Godaddy! They clearly serve their investors, not their customers!

    Konstantinos, I have lost multiple domains I have won at Godaddy Expired auctions because people purposely let their domains expire to gauge interest and see what the bidding will go up to without incurring a percentage fee hoping those people might contact them after they renew.

    Well, the women couldn’t help me at all, so now I am being transferred to a supervisor after almost an hour on the phone with them now. I spent over an hour talking with a manager on Monday who promised me the money would be in my account within 2 business days, now it’s Thursday and nothing, REALLY?

    I literally told the manager, I just want my domain back at this point! Unfortunately, I transferred it to the buyers Name.com account because it was registrar locked, but happy to not transfer it to Godaddy!

    This company is a joke! If I wanted to BS with someone, i would call a friend, not the Godaddy company, but all they offer is 24/7 BS, you’ll be lucky to find anyone that knows or cares about thing but themselves here!

    • Sometimes I think there are only a couple of people working at GoDaddy. The others are playing ping pong.

      • Management @ Godaddy is a joke, they can’t do anything more than a support agent does. “It’s not my department” The support agent even says the manager wont have anything more to do than them before transferring. What good is a manager? They don’t even want to help you!

      • @Reuben,

        Personally I’ve always been satisfied by the support I’ve received from my GoDaddy account reps, but I recognize not all accounts are large enough to get a representative assigned.

        There are a lot of registrars I like, though even the best registrars cause us headaches occasionally.

        If you want hands-on customers support from people who understand domains and domainers, you can’t do better than Epik. Here even the CEO jumps in to help with support from time to time. It’s just a different culture.

  3. What a valuable post. I got a mail from sime weeks back requesting for the sale of one of my domain. Am yet to verify my account to initiate the negotiation process. Any advice for me?

  4. Joseph Peterson
    If you want hands-on customers support from people who understand domains and domainers, you can’t do better than Epik. Here even the CEO jumps in to help with support from time to time. It’s just a different culture.

    I second that !!
    I am moving all my domains from 101domain and eventually from uniregistry to EPIK

    Are You Considering Registering,Buying or Leasing A Domain Name?Please visit this website first,before going anywhere else .https://www.epik.com/?affid=tu7xa9hu8

  5. Domain Ovserver

    I want to know which company’s customer support dept is NOT doing the following.
    1. The support staff don’t even understand the contents of a help request and give irrelevant/terrible answers.
    2. Simply no response to a help request.
    3. The support staff replies that the problem is not their fault and that they cannot help, but in a lot of cases, it is their fault.
    4. I even experienced some sort of mockery from the so-called support staff.
    And so on

    I really want to know which company(registrar, escrow co, etc) can provide real support to their customers’ support request.

  6. It was/is being moved to your account. You could have asked your rep or the auctions team or me or something and they would have let you know that you will get the name. Something broke in the process and we have to work with the losing registrar to manually move the name but it was being worked on. The name was moved into redemption instead of moved to us and we kept working to get the name, the redemption fee was covered in the process and that costs us more than we sold the domain for, which we do from time to time and never tell the customers that it costs us money we just move the name as part of our auction service if there is any way we can get the name to the customers we do it.

    • GoDaddy should have contacted me and let me know there is a delay. I am just crazy monitoring everything. I just waited to see what will happen and nothing did until I made the post. I somehow manage to get some support. What happens to all other people?

      • They knew about it when I saw your post and asked and were already working on fixing it. We don’t mind the post just letting you know you can always ask us we are here 🙂

    • WOW!

      I guess you need a domain blog to get any service at Godaddy!

      Joe, where is my MONEY? And Managers Ken & Krissy should be fired immediately for directly lying to me and nothing happens so i guess this behavior is wodely acceptable at NoDaddy?

      Still today, over 2 weeks later and I still have not received my money!

      Just give me my domain back, your company is absolutely ridiculous, usually when you spend hours on the phone with multiple managers you get somewhere, but not with Godaddy!

      • I looked into it. They were working on it and still are. We made payment to the bank account you gave us over a week ago. As you were told previously, the account information you provided to us was incorrect. Tracing money and getting it back from the bank and repaying you to the new information you provided takes time because various companies and departments are involved. It looks like they are taking the right steps to get you paid soon to the new account information you provided us.

    • One of my premium listings sold last tuesday and it says it takes 5 days to receive the money.
      So I hope I get it this Sunday, otherwise I’m screwed, but I will take legal action.

      Also I’ve been LIED to on live online support.. was told expired domains won in auctions could NOT be renewed by current owners to cancel sale/transfer.

      • Still no money… and Live Chat Support closed for the weekend?? – if that’s not crapping on your customers I don’t know what is.

  7. Just got the name today the 12th of June. 8 days after I was supposed to.
    My main problem is there is always something going wrong. Nothing really works flawlessly.
    This is scary and the main reason I don’t use GoDaddy as a registrar.

    • Good for you, I still have yet to receive my money after last week of calling Godaddy over 7 times and many emails, it’s been over 2-1/2 weeks now. Spoke with 2 managers that are worthless and the auction team replies to my emails are definitely robot replies, no humans. You would think they would have paid me already considering how vocal I have been about this.

      And Joe, No the payee account info I had was never filled in so right after I transferred the domain, I called to ensure I was all set to be paid. YOUR team failed because they don’t give a damn about customers so when I called in and updated my info, I told the guy everything and you would think it would all be good, but your service is so terrible that it could only be bad. So the next day when I received the email saying payment was made, I thought I was all set, come to find out you STILL sent payment to the default account so it come back no account. Joe, this is clearly business as usual at Godaddy! I can’t believe how pathetic your managers are seriously? I really hope you don’t actually train them to be like that!

      Joe, it’s pretty bad when I have to post a comment on a blog just to find out where my money is because everyone is just complete idiots or thats what they act like. “It’s not my F***** dept” THEN transfer me to the right department instead of wasting my time, then this would have never happened!

      Don’t put your peons as the face of your auctions when they know NOTHING about auctions!

      CUSTOMER: Hello, I would like to learn more about your products?
      GODADDY: Which product?
      CUSTOMER: Auctions
      GODADDY: Unfortunately, that’s not my dept., let me see what I can find.
      CUSTOMER: Please transfer me to the right dept like any other company would.
      GODADDY: Sorry, that dept doesn’t like customers so they don’t want anything to do with you.

      • Your situation seems something that would happen at GoDaddy. This is the GoDaddy normal.

        Joe is not the GoDaddy normal.

      • I LOVE NoDaddy.com on Archive.org

        Their Motto: Exposing the many reasons NOT to trust Godaddy with your domain names.

        Then it shows the Godaddy guy icon all beat up which is perfect symbolism for how they treat their customers!

  8. This blog post commenting is my ONLY HOPE because it’s the only way to reach Joe. They offer 24/7 support that lacks any substance of service. Their support is literally the worst support EVER and I deal with a lot of different companies everyday.

    Believe me, I have given up calling or emailing at all. If I treated my customers the way Godaddy treats it’s customers, I wouldn’t have any customers.

    FYI, NoDaddy.com is available on Archive.org

    Konstantinos, we’re not the 1st and definitely not the last to get the Godaddy Treatment!

    • You should have your money. It was sent on June 9th to the bank and the bank confirmed receipt on June 12th.

      • Is everyone at GoDaddy retarded or a liar??

        at 23:24, Jun 13:
        “any pending sales payouts will still be honored as long as the payee is updated and also “customer will receive the funds tomorrow even if his Godaddy auctions is suspended.”


        Any idea where the hell MY MONEY is?
        STILL talking to some support agent, AGAIN..

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