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Minds + Machines gets order for 90,000 domain name registrations

Minds + Machines Group Limited (AIM: MMX), reported today orders for approximately 90,000 standard name registrations across certain of its US and European facing top-level domains valued at approximately US$500,000.

The company said that these registrations represent a 37% increase to current registration levels in MMX’s US and European facing top-level domains and will show on industry sites monitoring new gTLD registrations over the course of the next twelve months.

MMX expects that the registrations will be used to support usage based initiatives in both regions rather than held for investment related purposes by the underlying purchasers.

Toby Hall, CEO of MMX said:

“We have a significant portfolio of US and European facing TLDs. The orders reported today demonstrate the organic traction we have seen building in certain of our TLDs in these regions where registrations to date have been primarily driven by businesses wishing to use or own their names rather than domain name investors.  They also reflect the investment we have made over the past quarter into developing our sales teams in these regions.  We are optimistic that the interest we are now seeing in standard name registrations will in turn benefit premium name registrations over the coming months.”

Earlier this month MMX reported a 200,000 registration order in its lead Asia facing TLD, .vip.


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  1. Why would these “orders” take 12 months to show up? Doesn’t sound like anything “organic” to me.

  2. They really just trying to hard to fluff up all this news. The domains are going to sit like they are sitting now, them eventually drop.

    Frank killed the gtlds, the contract had always been known, but many never believed it, or thought it could be used.

    They are great for a hobby, or joke email, but the buck stops there.

  3. This does make me laugh the new tlds just suck

  4. I will wait for the article on dropping MMX domains.

  5. This comments thread is brought to you by Rick Schwartz and Mike Mann.

    • No, no need, there is very little demand.

      The registries have done to much harm internally.

      Domainers do not need to play in this space, the registries have the tools to sell their own domains, they don’t need domainers. Why would they sell their best domains for $50, and let the domainer make $5,000, when they put up all the money.

      Frank is not stupid, you have to see his point form his POV.

      The contract allows them to cleanse their extensions of domainers if they need be, and start over marketing their own extensions. I know things have changed since due to backlash, but it is still open season so to speak.

      I know people want to walk into 2017, but a few $4.99 gtld’s and go around town bragging they are domaining millionaires, I really wish it was that easy, but it isn’t.

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