Rightside publishes list of 53 domain sales from $10k up to $183k for video.games

Rightside published a list of their New gTLD domain name sales.

They released a full list of every five- and six-figure direct Platinum domain sale they are allowed to publish. Just a few of these have been publicly revealed until now. This includes the sale of Video.games which was sold in February for $183,000—their biggest Platinum sale to date, and the second largest in the entire new gTLD program behind casino.online that sold for $201,250.

Some of the previously reported sales are sex.live and porn.live that each sold for 6 figures.

Rightside’s Premium/Platinum sales amounted to $3.4 million last year, gaining $800,000/year each year since they launched their first new gTLDs. The 53 Platinum Domain names in the list below had an average selling price of over $31,000, for a total of $1.7 million cash. The list excludes Day 1 EAP sales and seven-figures worth of Platinum Domains sales they are not able to publish at this time. What you see below is just over 60% of their complete $10k+ Platinum sales list, including five of Rightside’s top ten sales. These domains were sold to over 15 unique end users and investors, across 17 different TLDs.

Missing from the list is the sale of 3d.software that was sold for 6-figures and the sale of dui.attorney that also sold for 6-figures to a New York attorney. Other domains that the same attorney bought and are probably part of the list that was not disclosed are:


Here are the 53 published domain name sales by Rightside:

Domain Name Sale Price
video.games $183,000
sex.live $160,000
porn.live $120,000
homes.forsale $75,000
personalinjury.attorney $60,000
for.sale $50,000
art.market $50,000
job.market $50,000
caraccident.attorney $50,000
auto.market $40,000
accident.lawyer $40,000
global.market $40,000
organic.market $35,000
luxury.market $35,000
app.market $35,000
insurance.market $35,000
i.news $35,000
local.market $35,000
live.live $25,000
finance.market $25,000
medical.market $25,000
stream.live $20,000
church.live $20,000
berlin.immobilien $20,000
solar.engineer $20,000
drug.rehab $20,000
sex.forsale $20,000
sex.social $20,000
hollywood.live $15,000
design.studio $15,000
energy.market $15,000
flower.market $15,000
the.market $15,000
meat.market $15,000
fish.market $15,000
bitcoin.market $15,000
furniture.market $15,000
ferien.haus $15,000
houses.forsale $15,000
wetter.live $15,000
irish.pub $15,000
neworleans.attorney $15,000
edu.video $15,000
hamburg.immobilien $15,000
water.engineer $15,000
accident.attorney $15,000
injury.lawyer $15,000
porn.reviews $15,000
dot.market $10,000
koeln.immobilien $10,000
stuttgart.immobilien $10,000
adult.reviews $10,000
wrongfuldeath.attorney $10,000

You can now find all these sales in the Sold.Domains database.


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  1. Never heard of “Rigthside” must be new! 😉

  2. So much for the theory that no one wants or is willing to pay for gtld names.

  3. The registries are now throwing the kitchen sink at trying to prop up the market.

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