Selling domain names on GoDaddy is NOT easy!

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  1. So true, thank you for finally someone pointing out one of their most frustrating and certainly very important and obvious issue that should be rectified and make it much more simple to use asap. I been asking the same question for so long now, did ever anyone from GD ever tried to sell or test a domain name trough their own system they make, and if they did.. users wouldn’t write and complain about it.

  2. It is also not possible to push a domain name using a mobile device, in my experience. This is frustrating because if I’m somewhere that I didn’t take my computer I have to wait until I get to it again in order to do the transfer. About a year and a half ago my laptop crashed and I was waiting for a new one to arrive from Amazon, and in that space I had sold a domain but was hamstrung from actually completing the sale. I ended up using a friends laptop to do it.

  3. I’d give GoDaddy an A+ for its market distribution, an A for customer service, and an A for supporting domain resale and the aftermarket.

    But for UX … not so great. The good news is: Once process improvements are made for seller listings at Afternic / GoDaddy, the world’s biggest registrar, the whole domain market should get a boost.