Enom offers an account level optional Opt-Out of the 60-day domain transfer lock

Enom is offering an account level optional OPT-OUT of the 60-day domain transfer lock on both retail and reseller accounts that will affect all domains under the account. This opt-out option is disabled by default.

On December 1st the new ICANN policy on domain name WHOIS changes was introduced and industry companies along with anyone else are still trying to figure out how to treat this new policy effectively without any new problems. According to the new policy, a WHOIS change to the registrant (or simply a small change to the registrant’s name) or the email address in WHOIS, will trigger a 60 day lock period. This is similar to the 60 day lock period after a domain name is transferred between registrars. When the whois change in initiated an email is sent out to the old and new contacts to authorize such changes or decline them.

Some registrars are offering an opt-out of the 60-day lock on a domain by domain basis. Registrant must opt-out before an authorization for the whois change is given on each individual domain. Other registrars like Fabulous are opting out all users from the 60-day transfer lock while others like Enom (see below) offer an account level optional opt-out.

Meanwhile Namejet will let people continue selling their domains on its auction house if they accept the new terms and opt-out of the new 60-day transfer lock.

How to OPT-OUT the 60-day transfer lock at Enom

To opt out of the 60-day transfer lock, login to enom.com, click on “My Account” at the top and go to your “Account Settings”. Then click on the “Defaults” tab on the Account Settings page. In this tab, you can disable the “Transfer Lock” options.”


This option will disable the 60-day transfer lock on all your domains in the Enom account. Many of the domain names won in auctions in Namejet end up in an Enom account so people bidding at Namejet should make the necessary changes to the corresponding Enom account to avoid any surprises as more often than not the whois on won domains is not correct.

These are the terms of this transfer lock opt-out explained below the account settings:

*By disabling the 60-day transfer lock when domain contact info is updated, you represent and warrant that: (i) each registrant of a domain name under your account has, with respect to each of its domain names and all future domain names, opted out of any 60-day transfer lock that would otherwise be imposed under ICANN’s Transfer Policy (the “Transfer Policy”) due to any “Change of Registrant” (as defined in the Transfer Policy); and (ii) each future registrant of a domain name under your account will, prior to registering any domain name and with respect to all future domain names, opt out of any 60-day transfer lock that would otherwise be imposed under the Transfer Policy due to any Change of Registrant. Any breach of the foregoing will be deemed a breach of the Registration Agreement and/or Reseller Agreement between you and us.

The default is having the 60-day transfer lock

The default account settings is currently to have the 60-day transfer lock enabled on all accounts at Enom, both retail and reseller. So you have to disable it if you want to opt-out the 60-day lock on all your domains.

Enom will act as a “designated agent” on behalf of the relevant domain registrant(s). If you don’t disable the lock whenever a Change of Registrant process is triggered, Enom will auto-approve the changes to the contact information, then email the party or parties noting the change. The domain will then be placed in a 60-day transfer lock (unless the previous registrant chooses to opt out of the waiting period).


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  1. May I know how to cancel the 60 days opt out for domain name if I did not disable the 60 days opt out during changing the registrant details? I wish to release the domain name. Please advise.

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