New book by Andrei Polgar: Wealth Management 2.0

A new book just came out by Andrei Polgar called “Wealth Management 2.0”.

Andrei Polgar is a domain name investor and a blogger at

It took Andrei 3 years to write and with the exact title being “Wealth Management 2.0: Financial Education for Internet Professionals” and as the name suggests, it’s a book which teaches those who make money online how to manage that money: domainers, freelancers, online entrepreneurs, Internet marketers, bitcoin investors and the list could go on and on.

“I always found it ridiculous that despite there being millions upon millions of people who make money on the Internet in one way or another, nobody thought about writing a book that teaches them how to make smart financial decisions. Since I’m an economist as well as someone who has been making money online since pretty much forever, I’ve decided I’m in a great position to fill this void.”, said Andrei Polgar.

The eBook costs just $2.99 until Sunday and you can buy it from various online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Amazon and Kobo.

To celebrate the launch, together with some very generous sponsors, Andrei is organizing a contest with some extremely juicy prizes:

1) an iPhone 7 (ridiculously awesome phone) from Uniregistry

2) two NamesCon passes ($799 each)

3) three $300/year Whoisology plans

4) one Domaining Europe ticket (650 EUR value)

5) $250 in credit

6) two annual Efty Growth plans

The contest ends on Sunday and you can find more details here.


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