.Global domains turn 2 years old (average premium domain sales price is $2,751)

global domains

.GLOBAL domains turned 2 this month. .Global was launched 9 September 2014.

The number of premium domains sold is 253. The average sales price per premium domain sold is $ 2,751 USD.

8189 domain are still reserved as premium domains. 5989 of these domains have fixed prices and are available through registrars. All the premium domains hold a regular (not premium) renewal fee.

Here are some statistics after two years:

  • Registered domain names: 27,000
  • Average domains per registrant: 1.2
  • 82% domains have a web server configured
  • 58% domains have email configured
  • 31% domains have fully developed websites (not counting parking or landing pages)
  • Only 4.8 % forwards to other domain names, implying that the .GLOBAL domain is mostly being used as a primary domain name for online branding.
  • 20% of the domains are single words found in the English dictionary
  • 95% of the words in the English dictionary is available and not yet registered
  • 1,781 3 letter (LLL) domains has been registered
  • 90% of the 3 letter (LLL) domains are still available
  • 93% of the 3 number (NNN) are still available
  • A clean namespace is proven by less than 0.009% domains with reported unwanted behaviour.

Average renewal rate for first year registrations of 68%. Second year renewal rate cannot be accurately calculated yet, but is expected significantly higher than first year registrations.

See list of sold Premium Names here.

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