Q2 2015 Premium TLD 50: .Global Has 38% Growth, Average TLD Price Is $71

starting-dotStarting Dot published the Q2 2015 Premium TLD 50, and they are beginning to see some interesting trends in this space.

There’s stability at the top, with the 5 biggest TLDs by volume all showing stable growth and holding their relative positions compared to the Q1 Premium TLD 50.

In the Top 10, .global has the highest growth rate at 38% followed by StartingDot’s own .bio with 22%.

There are new arrivals with .porn, .adult, .sucks and .casino all having launched since the first edition. Coupled with .xxx, they show a significantly favorable trend for TLDs linked to the adult entertainment industry.

On pricing, whilst the average Premium TLD 50 price is around $71, there is a marked trend towards higher pricing with examples such as .sucks ($280) and .casino ($151).

The Premium TLD 50 measures the performance of the largest premium generic suffixes by total number of domain names registered. It tracks the performance of gTLDs with an average retail fee over US$40. Although this is an interesting tracker, the $40 mark seems a bit arbitrary.

Finally, some TLDs have shown significant drops in volume. StartingDot will continue to monitor this, and other Premium TLD trends, as they continue to update their Premium TLD 50 every quarter and add more data. For this quarter, for example, they’ve analyzed a much higher number of registrars.

Click here to download the Q2 2015 PREMIUM TLD 50

This is the Q2 2015 Top Ten

Rank TLD Total Sold Domains Quarter Growth Avg. Retail price in USD Registry Operator
 1 expert 30,784 +7% 53 Donuts
2 xxx 20,073 +7% 90 ICM Registry
3 global 14,925 +38% 75 DotGlobal
4 lawyer 12,453 +18% 45 Rightside
5 porn 11,238 N/A 100 Afilias
6 bio 10,976 +22% 67 StartingDot
7 adult 8,409 N/A 100 Afilias
8 attorney 8,256 +13% 45 Rightside
9 menu 6,857 -13% 42 Wedding TLD
10 ventures 6,666 -16% 54 Donuts

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  1. lol… at the end of the Q2 2015 PREMIUM TLD 50 report:

    “calculated by checking 1 year registration fees at the following registrars: Gandi.com, …”

    Last I checked it was Gandi.net – its understandable though, after all, .Com is .Com =)

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