StartingDot Publishes Q3 2015 Premium 50 New gTLDs

starting-dotThe Q3 installment of the 2015 Premium TLD 50 is now available and last quarters analysis shows a number of movers and shakers in the top 50. StartingDot’s very own .ski premium TLD jumped into the Top 50 immediately on launch. The TLD was not only the biggest first day launch in the category of sports TLDs but its has also taken the No.1 sport in sports TLDs amongst the premium TLD list.

Last quarter saw nine new TLD entries into the list, leading the pack was .SKI followed by .COACH, .EUS and .CAPITAL. As the intensity of new TLD launches calms down we’re seeing more registries launch TLDs with premium pricing models as markets where the TLDs are targeted are capable of accepting higher prices because of increased value.

The largest growth in Q3 was seen in in .GLOBAL (+3,522, +24%), .BIO (+1,872, +17%) and .LAWYER (+1,761, +14%).  Taking the Top 50 Premium as a whole, comparing to Q2, the volume increased by 12%, while Top 50’s share of all new TLD market remained at 4% compared to Q2.

Analyzing last quarters results we observed that the average price of a premium TLDs name has fallen by $3 to $68 per year from $71 in Q2 2015. Whilst these results don’t reflect a trend downwards in premium pricing we could be seeing the market finding its “sweet spot” in pricing. Next quarter we’ll be able to determine if pricing fluctuations are affecting volume and whether the market is adapting accordingly.

Finally, more good news for StartingDot TLDs. All three TLD (.ski, .bio and .archi) are now in the Top 50. StartingDot’s portfolio represents 7% of Top 50 Premium TLD volume.

Click here to download the Q3 2015 PREMIUM TLD 50

Here is the top 10:

Rank TLD Total Sold Domains Quarter Growth Avg. Retail price in USD Registry Operator
 1 expert 27,453 -11% 51 Donuts
2 xxx 18,847 -6% 73 ICM Registry
3 global 18,447 24% 48 DotGlobal
4 lawyer 14,214 14% 41 Rightside
5 bio 12,848 15% 72 StartingDot
6 porn 12,395 10% 98 ICM Registry
7 attorney 9,261 12% 41 Rightside
8 adult 9,197 9% 98 ICM Registry
9 press 7,493 29% 69 Radix
10 ventures 7,153 7% 50 Donuts

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