Record Breaking Q3 For StartingDot Premium Names (.ski domain sells for 5 figures)


With all 3 of the StartingDot TLDs now rolled out, and more registrars than ever offering .archi, .bio and .ski, demand has been increasing for StartingDot domain names in general, and premium names in particular.

“Just like real estate, the domain industry also offers prime locations which are seen as being more valuable. Our policy with regards to these “premium” names has always been to make them as accessible as possible.”

StartingDot premiums do cost more to acquire, but once yours they can be managed at your registrar of choice and renewed at their standard rate.

Spurred on by the awareness and anticipation of the .ski launch this past quarter has been the best on record for their premium sales, with one .ski name becoming the first five-figure StartingDot name to sell.

In Q4 StartingDot plans to release its inventory to new channels, organize live auction events for super premium names and continue working with community members directly.

Here is the summary of the StartingDot Q3 results:

  • Average premium name selling price is over $1,000
  • 80% of premium name sales came from inbound leads
  • 670% increase in premium name revenue in Q3 compared to Q1 and Q2

Premium prices start at just a few hundred dollars, and the majority of these assets are priced at the lowest point .ski premium names. StartingDot say that they are selling fast.


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  1. I like .BIO (own some) and expect .SKI to be put to use.

    But .ARCHI should never have been introduced. First of all, it sounds too cute. Secondly, it’s aurally ambiguous – fails the radio test.

    If we pronounce it with the “K” sound of “architect”, then it might be heard as .ARKY / .ARKIE (people from Arkansas). Alternatively, if we pronounce the “CH” as in “cheese”, then we lose any semantic connection with “architecture” and wind up mishearing it as .ARCHY.

    Just looking at the thing visually, people won’t know how to say it. And when they hear it, they won’t have a clue how it’s spelled or what it means.

    But what do I know? I’m just a hater, and haters gonna hate.

  2. “With all 3 of the SartingDot TLDs now rolled out…” – spelling mistake in first paragraph. 🙂 What is the actual .ski domain name that has apparently sold for five figures? I must be blind because I’m unable to see it referenced.

  3. Top 10 Biggest Selling gTLDs
    1 .xyz 970,375 -26
    2 .top 543,464 1,044
    Top 10 Fastest Growing gTLDs
    1 .top…….. 7931

    With all due respect ,I wonder why nobody ever writes an article about .TOP domains.
    I know Shane Cultra wrote in one of his news letters that he had never heard of .TOP and asked if anybody else had.[about 6 weeks ago]

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