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Domain Sells For A Record Breaking Price: $182,971

The domain name sold for a record breaking price: $182,971. Several other domain names like, and sold for $30k or more.

According to Sold.Domains, a website documenting all New gTLD domain name sales, is now the most expensive New gTLD ever sold. See here the all time top 20 New gTLD sales and the 2016 top sales.

The .xyz registry held an auction at in March. The auction sold several numeric domain names of 1 up to 4 digits and many 2 and 3 letter domains.

163 .xyz domain names were sold for a total of $819,880. The average price was $5,030.

These are the results of the March .xyz auction:

Domain Price In USD 182971 65901 46518 43107 39695 35974 34733 33183 31012 24499 23569 23259 19227 14421 14266 12715 9304 8218 7288 6357 6202 5892 5427 5427 5427 5117 5117 5117 4807 4807 4652 3954 3644 3101 2636 2403 2171 2171 2016 2016 2016 2016 1861 1240 1116 992 992 992 961 899 837 775 744 713 698 651 651 636 636 620 620 620 620 605 605 605 605 605 589 589 589 574 574 574 574 574 558 558 558 558 558 558 543 543 543 543 527 527 527 512 512 512 512 496 496 496 481 481 481 481 481 465 465 465 450 450 450 450 450 450 434 434 434 434 419 419 419 419 419 388 357 341 341 326 326 310 310 310 310 295 295 295 295 279 264 264 264 248 248 248 248 248 248 233 233 233 217 217 217 202 202 202 202 186 186 186 186 186 186 186 186 171 155

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  1. Who the f#ck are they going to sell that to in order to make enough profit to justify risking $183k?

    Could have bought an entire extension.

    Sucker born every minute.

  2. Doesn’t look right – I have been monitoring and it sold for 50,000USD in mid march but was a no show by the buyer so it went back up for sale at 33,000USD but the whois still shows it being owned by the registry and no changes have been made to the whois since Feb 2016 when the servers changed from DomainNameSales servers.
    Feels a bit like pump and dump as no transfer has taken place.

  3. I would not be surprised if Daniel Negari was shill bidding on that. He might even use a proxy to purchase his own domain. He has nothing to lose but a commission fee. So he can market his sh*tty tld to newbies.
    He is no different than Adam Dicker.

    • Sounds about right. Some people will do anything for money. Keep screwing people and it will eventually catch up to you…

  4. Andrea Paladini

    Do you really think those .xyz high value sales are legitimate? I don’t.
    IMHO it’s just the Registry playing with their own names, plus some hidden agreements with Chinese domainers, Registries and other “friends” … it’s just a joke … fakes to pump up prices of otherwise junk useless domains … no end users, just fabrications.

  5. Good PR. keep it up.

  6. Some of you guys should just stop being envy of the .xyz registry. The TLD is currently the most popular new gTLD and even Google uses as the domain for it’s parent company Alphabet. I personally prefer .xyz than .net .org or .info. I know .com is still the best because it has been around since day 1 of the existence of domain names but for now the next best and cheaper alternative would be .xyz. This is the reality so accept the fact!

    • is just marketing stuff and the only reason why .xyz made numbers is because they signed and keep signing hidden agreements with Registrars, now Chinese, and various Domain Investors to exchange and sell names at heavily discounted prices and make appear that some transactions at high prices took place … it’s called fabrication, paid people and those with vested interests who keep marketing this junk, even on blogs …
      Unfortunately for you, some people are not so dumb to believe to your fakes (and they can’t be purchased with money …) … two lies don’t make a truth.
      No envy at all (can’t be envy of such low quality faked stuff), just facts, and facts speak louder than words.
      That’s not “reality”, it’s just manipulation, good luck with it.

  7. Andrea Paladini

    IMHO you should check just highly-priced transactions involving .xyz names, that’s where price manipulations take place.
    What will you find? Let me guess: a lot of not even resolving names, many under privacy, some purchased by the same guy/domain investor, some still owned by the Registry, some “nominees” …

    Some random, quick examples (Source:, reported sold in Dec 2015 for over 175k USD, is registered to a “cui kai” in China, a domainer whose email is associated to over 12,000 names, many of which are .xyz. The domain redirects to xyz Registry site;, allegedly sold for 125k in Nov 2015, is registered to a “Bowen Liu”, based in Ontario and doesn’t resolve. This is a domain investor, his email is associated to approx 19,000 domains;, allegedly sold for over 81k USD in Sept 2015, is registered to a “zhang peng fei” in China, definitely a domain investor, his email is associated to nearly 20,000 domains;, allegedly sold for 70k USD in Jan 2016, is again registered to the same “Kai Cui”/”cui kai” as above (same phone number and email);, allegedly reported as sold for over 59k USD in Dec 2015, as of today has no Whois, which means it’s not even registered, doesn’t resolve;, allegedly sold for over 38k USD in Dec 2015, is registered to a “shi ming” in China, another domainer, but redirects to the xyz Registry site., allegedly sold for over 26k USD in Dec 2015, is registered to a “lin qing ming” in China, another domain investor who owns over 8,000 names, the majority of which are xyz. The domain redirects to the xyz Registry site again., allegedly sold for over 17k USD in Dec 2015, is owned again by the same “cui kai” above, whose portfolio is full of .xyz names. Again, the domain redirects to xyz Registry site., allegedly sold for over 15k USD in Dec 2015, has no Whois, doesn’t resolve.
    I’ve checked all the “highly-priced” names you have listed here as sold at auction: all of them have the same Registrant, the Registry, aka, LLC …
    Should I go ahead? … lol …

    Please note that all those names are defined by the Registry as “Variably priced premiums”, with an annual renewal fee of 55,000 USD or 13,000 USD for the 2 characters …

    I think that the majority, if not all, of those transactions are fake, totally fabricated, no money has ever changed hands, if we exclude that paid to the partners and “participants” in this pathetic sham and large-scale manipulation to pump up and create the hype, including some Chinese “nominees” and other “friends” …

    On a different note, I let you guess by yourself how xyz has reached 2.7 mln registrations, 71% of which are parked (according to … check the names of the main Registrars and probably you’ll have a first answer … not a surprise to me the fact that GoDaddy is just at 2% and NetSol has basically disappeared … a few words to the wise …
    As I said, just facts. 🙂

  8. i guess this is about all extensions … isn’t it ?

    pump and dumb
    even .com ( sounds like communism )

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