Did Courtney Love Fail To Grab The Domain Name Again?

The domain name expired and was auctioned yesterday at GoDaddy for $3,350.

The GoDaddy auction for the 18 year old domain name attracted some interest and 38 bids were made from 12 bidders.courtneylove-com-800

The domain was originally registered in 1998.  It is not clear who the previous registrant was, as in the past few years the domain name was behind whois privacy. There is no evidence that the domain was owned by Courtney Love the American musician, actress, and visual artist. Courtney Love was married to the Nirvana’s front man Kurt Cobain that died in 1994.

The domain name has been inactive since early 2010 and onward, displaying a not found message:


There have been 2 different websites on the domain name over the years and before 2010: one circa 2006 and one circa 2008.

courtneylove-com-2006 courtneylove-com-2008

Courtney Love runs a Facebook page with about 569,000 likes and a Twitter account @courtney with 1.56M followers. The Facebook page points to the Twitter account and the other way around.

Courtney Love owns none of the other obvious domain names such as,, (that is currently also expired) or even

All this evidence point us to the direction that the domain name was owned by a fan that at some point in 2010 lost interest and this year failed to renew the domain name. The new owner is not known yet. The domain name can be renewed for a few more days. If the current owner fails to pay the domain name renewal then we will found out who the winning bidder and new owner is.

It is highly unlikely that Courtney Love or one of her representatives bought at the GoDaddy auction. So it seems that Courtney Love failed to grab again after 18 years.

Photo of Love attending the Life Ball, May 31, 2014:

Photo by Manfred Werner/Tsui – CC by-sa 3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Maybe it was bought by a guy whose girlfriend is named Courtney and he’s in love with 😛

    As plausible as JustinBieber .com really being a party page for an 8 year old.

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