Is Taylor Swift launching her new album website on

Taylor Swift is probably preparing the launch of her new album on a new website that will be on

“Timeless” will probably be the name of the new Taylor Swift album and the name of the first single that might be coming out very soon, even today. (Some people think that the new album is going to be called Eclipse.) Update: rumors now say that the new single is going to be released on Friday.

The domain name was probably bought by the artist in July. The domain was sold for $150,000 in 2015 and it was auctioned for $52,900 2016. (it is not clear if the domain changed hands after the 2016 auction) The domain name was recently for sale again and the seller of the domain name to Taylor Swift was someone from Denmark. The domain name was purchased for an undisclosed amount. ( was last seen for sale at $140,000.)

Meanwhile Taylor Swift’s official website at has been completely blank together with all her social media accounts that were emptied of content this past weekend. Her Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account and Tumblr account were all emptied. Some people even suggested that the 27-year-old superstar may have been the victim of a hack.

All 4 accounts were emptied, except from the millions of Taylor Swift’s followers. That is until today when a short video (without any audio) featuring a moving tail of what seems to be a snake or some other reptile was posted:

The lander on is the only clue except from the tail of what is coming soon by the artist:

The domain name is registered at but the owner is not yet known as the owner data is hidden behind whois privacy.

UPDATE: Taylor Swift is launching her new album called Reputation on November 10 2017. It seems that the domain buyer was someone other than TS.

(Hat tip to Nadia.)


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  1. TS applied for 9 separate TMs for the word Swifties in early 2017 so they should have acquired IMO.

  2. nice name, have for a crypto exchange.

  3. Timeless was on BB for 140k on 20161125

  4. If I am not mistaken, the name listed at BB. So, it might be Taylor Swift now a BB customer…

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