DomainTools: Membership Cancelled

I just cancelled my DomainTools account. Price is going up for me from $49,95 to $99 per month today the 21st of July. This date is not the same for all customers. Some might have already been charged with the new price. (changes started on the 25th of June)

Unlike some other domain bloggers I don’t have a free account with DomainTools. I have been a full paying member for more than 5 years. I also don’t have a free account at their competition and

At this point I can’t justify paying $99 for 3 brand monitors (I don’t need), 3 registrant monitors (monitoring myself!) and 10-15 whois history searches per month.


The new Personal Membership that costs $99 adds a few products but limits all other services. So it feels like your $99 will not even cover your previous membership at $49,95. For example the whois history will be 25 searches per month instead of 100.

DomainTools should have created cheaper membership options if they wanted business from regular domainers. If they don’t want this business, that is another issue.

DomainTools will probably loose a lot of customers that use their service 2 or 3 times per month and can’t justify paying $99 for it. In fact an option to create a custom membership would be the best option as almost no one needs every option.

I thought about renewing for a year with a 30% discount that is given to existing customers but that comes to about $58 per month. But that is still too much for the reduced services so I decided to cancel my membership. So long DomainTools, maybe we will meet again.

I have instead bought a account for $30 per month.



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  1. is not domaining friendly, at the difference of

  2. Andrea Paladini

    Great decision indeed, they have become greedy … we also don’t use it anymore …

  3. Good decision. Fight the greedy

  4. “At this point I can’t justify paying $99 for 3 brand monitors (I don’t need), 3 registrant monitors (monitoring myself!) and 10-15 whois history searches per month.”

    This seems absurd and I feel users should at least be grandfathered in at old pricing. Your low usage makes sense to cancel and there should be a better pricing option for low usage.

    I hope you find an alternative. If you do please let us know and I will be on the look out for you.

  5. It is a bunch of greedy bastard!!

  6. “Would you mind telling us why your leaving?”

    Figure it out for yourselves, Einsteins!

    Hopefully they’ll lose over 50% of their customers, and take an everlasting hit on revenue.

  7. Domain Fools boycott people who sponsor these arrogant pricks

  8. I don’t use it, even it is free….very clumsy, you need to spend more time just to log-in all the time when using it…

  9. I have been using DomainIQ from years now and it works great for me.
    You should consider trying that 😉

  10. GoDaddy is worst… 2 years ago they raise my cost for my business email plan … for been a customer of them for over 10 years, Godaddy raised my cost by 300% in 1 year. I also cancelled my plan.

  11. Another thing… what is the point with those date? How can their new rules be not apply to everyone at the same time?

    Do they also have a price cost different for different people? For DomainTools , it s a bad business decision. We already see it here… Membership cancelled.

    And actually, DomainTools got some answers to give in regards of all those subhosts that i talk about in my vidéos. Doesn’t look good their future business.

    • I think they are using a billing month because customers have registered at different dates and are charged at different dates during the month.

      Yes they had different grandfathered memberships which was not a good idea in the first place. Please should pay the same for the same service.

  12. Hello,

    We need Brand Monitoring service (Daily report new registered or deleted domains)

    Domaintools now providing this service just 3 brands/month for 99 usd/m !!

    if you need more brands then domaintools diverting enterprise membership and enterprise memberhip price $25000/ year !!!

    Anyone know brand monitoring service platform ?

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