DomainTools starts offering Domain Report in PDF format for $49

Domain Tools starts offering a Domain Report in PDF format for an introductory price of $49.

Domain Report is simple to use: enter a domain name and Domain Tools will gather nearly everything they know about it into a single downloadable document. With over a decade of ownership and hosting history at their disposal, years of website screenshots, and data from the Name Server Report and the patented Reverse IP Lookup, “everything they know” is a very comprehensive dataset. Whois History plays an essential role in domain transactions and legal proceedings.

Now, all that data is available in a single package, optimized for printing and delivered in a downloadable PDF document.

Domain Report builts the document with formatting, headers, meta text, and professional layout techniques to lend it stand-alone authority and credibility that copy/paste techniques or desktop screenshots never get, especially if you’re supporting your own claims. Pages have neatly formatted Whois history records and website screenshots.

Another great thing about these PDF reports is that they always cost the same regardless of size: the introductory price is just $49 each. This is a version 1.0 product and Domain Tools plans to include more data and more customization options in future updates.

How does this work?

Enter a domain name and they’ll tell you exactly how much current and historical data you’ll get. Reports include all this data:

  • Every Historic Whois record
  • Complete website screenshot history
  • Owner (registrant) name and email address
  • Current Whois record
  • Registration dates and status codes
  • Network name and IP location
  • Reverse IP & Name Server connected domains
  • and more!

If you decide to buy a report, the system will gather the data into a single PDF document that you can download within minutes of your purchase. Get all this on one domain for $79 $49 (special introductory price)—no recurring membership fees required.


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