.CO Makes $250k In Its 1st Domain Auction In China

.CO, part of Neustar, Inc., had its first domain name auction in China. The auction, which was held exclusively on Chinese auction platform 22.cn, offered 19 two-letter domains like CY.co and XN.co.

The auction concluded today July 13. The total proceedings of the auction were about $250,350.

Top sellers were cy.co that was sold for $32k and zq.com that sold for $29k.

Here are the results of the .co auction:

Domain Name Price (USD)
zq.co 29,013
hz.co 13,011
zs.co 17,647
fz.co 17,647
yz.co 12,562
jm.co 12,113
zj.co 17,946
dz.co 16,450
xn.co 8,823
cy.co 32,004
xd.co 9,720
xg.co 9,870
xh.co 13,160
xi.co 7,028
xj.co 7,103
xq.co 7,103
xr.co 6,430
xu.co 4,860
xz.co 7,103
10 Domains (z0.co up to z9.co) 747

Neustar also included a few .biz domains in the auction that didn’t do as well and made about $4,330 more:

Domain Name Price (USD)
x1.biz 171
tb.biz 1,794
bc.biz 2,018
5s.biz 179
8f.biz 164



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  1. Thanks for the results. LL.biz went damn cheap?

  2. Here’s a few examples of cv’s getting on average double vs cc’s and possibly the difference between selling in the us global market vs the china market.

    ru.co 31,500 USD 2016-05-30 GoDaddy
    xe.co 37,500 USD 2013-03-13 GoDaddy
    ll.co 42,000 USD 2016-05-30 GoDaddy
    ed.co 50,000 USD 2013-08-14 GoDaddy
    fx.co 50,000 USD 2013-01-09 Sedo

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