eNom Releases New Website, Logo & Blog

eNom, an ICANN accredited registrar that is part of Rightside, released its new website and logo today as well as a new blog.

Taryn Naidu, CEO of Rightside, announced the new site:

Fresh new site is up and running! Congrats to the team on a job well done. New site is going to be great for customers & partners!

This is just phase 1 of the new site. Much more to come! Widgets, tools, features! So pumped!


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eNom hopes that the new logo design will feel both familiar and modern. They want to maintain the connection to all the customers and partners that have helped build Enom into what it is today, while acknowledging that this industry continues to move ahead at an incredible speed. The logo is more legible but the new “e” reminds me of the new Google logo.

eNom recognized the need for a new website and I too have my share of complaints about eNom in the past.

Some portions of the former enom.com website hadn’t been touched in many years. There’s always the temptation to develop something new for the sake of being new, but with over 3.8 million unique users a year, the first priority has always been ensuring a trusted, stable retail experience. Fortunately, the investments we’ve been making in personnel and technology have given us the opportunity to innovate while continuing to play to our strengths. The launch of the new enom.com is the biggest public demonstration of these investments to date.

The new enom.com has new content designed to demystify the domain lifecycle and help customers choose the most memorable, effective names. It has a revamped search and suggestion engine that can provide customers hundreds of options in picking second- and top-level domains.

Over the last few months eNom has unveiled a couple of the improvements they made behind the scenes aimed at the developers. 80% of Enom’s domains under management come through their developer API. In addition to API tokens, the launch of a new Developer Hub has been a big step in modernizing the Enom platform. They have also introduced widgets that are small, modular collections of UI and functionality (the domain search bar and search results page are two examples), that Enom API developers will be able to drop directly into their own sites to take advantage of the same features with less backend work.

As a thank you to all the customers that have stuck with Enom over the years (and the many more we think these changes will bring in), eNom is having a little domain name promotion the day of the launch: $0.99 .COM and .LIVE registrations at enom.com—limited to the first thousand (1,000) customers, at one (1) domain per customer. To get full terms and conditions, as well as the promotional code, you’ll have to follow one of Enom’s social channels at Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

In the coming months, eNom will be showcasing even more improvements to the website and developer portal, new value-added services and products, and much more.


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