2016 Global Domains Industry Summit In China (video)

2016 Global Domains Industry Summit(China Region) was co-organized by GoDaddy and Bizcn.com, Inc., aliyun.com; undertaken by Jinyuming, and was held in Hangzhou, China, on 3-6 June 2016.

The summit aimed to increase the awareness, reach and market of domain names and related industry in China. It also gave a platform for the 1000+ attendees to meet domainers, registries, and registrars and network.

This is a short video from the summit (click on the bottom right for full-screen):


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  1. Only 1k attendees? Some of the pictures I saw published by people attending on FB made it look like their were 3k to 5k+ attendees. People were crammed together like sardines standing and leaning against the wall because all the seats were full.

    It looked like a great event. The wife and I would love to attend one of those in China some day.

  2. The pace at which the domain industry is growing in China is staggering. As Eric mentioned it looked well above 1K attendees….The domain industry, particularly in the United States, sure could learn something from the Chinese domain industry…..I have my conclusions on why we don’t see growth like that in the United States, but it’s probably best if I keep it to myself so I don’t wake up the Secret Domain Society.

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