xyz domains For Sale For Only $5,000 While 1.XYZ Sold For $182,971?

I was checking whois on the domain name, that sold for $182,971, while researching for this article questioning some of the high value .xyz domain sales.

I discovered by accident that the XYZ registry owns the domain name too. The domain is parked and listed for sale at

I would believe that would go hand in hand with According to Sold.Domains is the most expensive New gTLD ever sold.

So why is the XYZ registry selling for only $5,000? Yes, that’s right. I inquired and found that they are asking for $5,000 only and I bet there is some room for negotiations in there too.


But now there are even more questions…

Has the XYZ registry offered the domain name to this buyer?

Why isn’t the buyer of buying as well to cover all bases and avoid any .com leakage? $5,000 is small change compared to the purchase of Potentially he could sell the 2 domains as a package for even more money.

But I can only think of 2 things. Either the buyer is not really domain name savvy and is only following the sort domain name trend or…


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  1. or the sale didn’t happen…it’s a .xyz scam…pump and dump.

  2. I really would like to see these sales as being legitimate… Although, there remains many questions and concerns that are going unanswered. The XYZ registry should address the many concerns and put this behind them. I don’t see a clear path forward until they do as such….Silence is becoming a sign of guilt, not innocence…

  3. do you really need an answer?

    stick with .com

    everything else is a


  4. still points to XYZ as well, despite plenty of coverage questioning that sale.

  5. Domain Observer

    The buyer may think is a nonsense for that price considering the 4 character .com market price.


  7. ? what does that mean ? it is nothing but a stupid domain. and for $5,000 ? really ? i would not buy it for $5.

    If i give my website name to anyone as, do you think he will go to ? LOL is 1 N , much shorter. the best N indeed in my own opinion even though 8 is the lucky N for Chinese.

    It does not matter the sale was real or fake. sounds much more valuable.

    • So what if it is a 1N? I bet you can buy for way less. These sales make no sense and will hurt domaining in the long run. When prices for these bs domains collapse then other really valuable domains might lose value as well.

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