Must See Video About & Sahar Sarid created a new section dedicated to Cyber Scammers called the Naked Truth. Investigative duo Natasha Del Toro and Dan Lieberman, called The Digilantes, go on a hunt for cyber scammers.

There are a lot of people online that want to rip you off. But The Digilantes are here to help.

In their first ever piece they tried to find who is behind the website. The video features domainer Sahar Sarid and (alleged) previous owner of Sahar Sarid is in the middle of another controversy (see here also) when he decided to include Adam Dicker (accused of fraud) in his new project #DomainingAMA.

Our first case looks into the mugshot industry, websites that post mugshots and then charge hundreds, even thousands of dollars to take them down, whether you are guilty or not. The biggest of them all is Some call it extortion, but no one can find who is behind the site. So we decided to find them ourselves.

This is a new kind of interactive investigation that lets you dive deeper into the parts of the story that interest you most. Throughout the documentary, you’ll have the chance to click to find out more details.

Click below to watch the first compelling documentary:
The Digilantes Try to Find Out Who Is Behind

The Digilantes need your help with their investigation, too. Tell them what you know about the people behind


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  1. Is this how was founded, does Adam
    Dicked still own it, or did he sell it like he sold everything else?

    • Correct, that is what Adam Dicker’s reputation repair business was all about. Dicker charged people to remove mughsots from Sahar’s The story from Sahar about selling the domain to (the non existent) “Michael Robertson” was an attempt to distance Sahar from That worked for a long time, at least two well known domain bloggers published Sahar’s fictitious story about the sale. Sahar “used” those bloggers to deceive others, just like he “used” Frank by putting him next to Dicker in the show lineup.

  2. Thank you. This has been posted in the comments section of some blogs but deserved it’s own blog post.

  3. While other blogs “pump” Sahar, this blog keeps it real…You are the “DOMILANTE.” (Yes, it’s available in singular and plural.)

  4. What a joke the Traffic Domainer Of The Year / Domainer Hall of fame looks now. 1st Adam Dicker, now Sahar Sarid. Why so many people look up to or worship these self proclaimed Domain Kings or queens is beyond me, meet 99% of these A list domainers at conferences and you will be so disappointed.

  5. So do you think he is behind the site?

    • If he wasn’t behind it he would stand and answer the questions, and not run off.

      I see his sister and his mom integrated into many of his earlier domains.

  6. As far as I can see, is a pseudo-legalized en masse extortion … and people having run and running it are criminals who should be arrested. It’s blackmailing people for money, a business for psychopaths …
    That Sahar Sarid looks like another unscrupulous crook … definitely not someone to do business with.
    As I said months ago, this is just the peak of the iceberg, more “can of worms” (scams, frauds, etc.) will come out in the domain industry …
    Congrats to for the interesting investigative report.

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