Rightside Has Sold 1820 Premium Domains In 2016 – 12 Were Sold For $10,000+

Rightside has sold 1820 Premium Domains in 2016 for a total of $677,040. 12 domains were sold for $10,000 or more.

Rightside started releasing more details about their premium domain sales:

In an effort to demystify Rightside premium domains, we will more regularly release statistics about our premium domain sales, including identifying some of our most recent premium sales. For our first release, we’re taking a broad view, looking at the 2016 year to date numbers of premium domain sales.

Here are the first statistics that Rightside shared today:

  • Number of Rightside premium domains sold: 1,820
  • Premium average sale price of $372
  • Premium wholesale revenue: $674,610
  • Number of premium sales $10,000 or greater: 12
  • Number of Registrars that sold premium domains: 43
  • Number of TLDs in which a premium was sold: 39 (of 39)
  • Number of countries with customers who bought a premium domain: 66
  • Number of buyers who purchased a premium domain: at least 942

Here are a few of the domains we’ve sold year to date:

  • bid.auction – $20,000
  • feirien.haus – $15,000
  • viral.video – $3,500 (during the Namescon auction)
  • iot.software – $2,500
  • edm.live – $2,500
  • motorhome.forsale – $1,500
  • rugby.video – $1,000
  • happy.live – $1,000
  • ryan.family – $1,000
  • com.engineer – $600
  • freestyle.dance – $500
  • zaun.kaufen – $500
  • d5.studio – $400
  • canadarealestate.auction -$200
  • piano.army – $60

You can find all New gTLD domain name sales including the ones above at Sold.Domains.


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  1. There is an interesting discussion going on at NamePros. Many of us were concerned about the pricing increases that were possible with NEW G’s, but decided to invest hoping it would not happen….Well we were wrong…. IT IS HAPPENING!…Domains that were not ‘PREMIUM’ are becoming PREMIUM and PREMIUM domains are increasing in price. This alone makes NEW G’S less desirable to both domainers and end users. This is the #1 reason that the aftermarket on NEW G’s are stagnant. THIS IS THE #1 reason many high profile investors are dumping their NEW G’s.


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