Frank Schilling Pulls Out Of #DomainingAMA

Sahar Sarid announced on Saturday his new project: #DomainingAMA. He didn’t expect what would follow…

I’m not ready, nor prepared, but are you ever? I’ll walk on water and fire to achieve what I set to, and preparation only goes so far. I’m now ready.

No day is a lousy day to make an announcement that is going to change our lives forever, and so it begins. Next Monday. 3/28, I’ll be releasing a new platform called ‪#‎DomainingAMA‬, it is a Domaining spin on Reddit AMA and for five days a week at noon, est., we will feature one person per day to share and give their all with our community. ‪#‎Domaining‬ will never be the same.

If you run a blog or a company where your customers may have interest please let them know, the more we are connected, the more we all succeed. If you want to interview me send some questions over via email or PM and I’ll do my best to answer.

Our first guest on Monday 3/28 noon, est. is yours truly. Be there or be square.

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Sahar then announced the lineup of the first week:


First week lineup is now confirmed:

28/3 Sahar Sarid
29/3 Frank Schilling
30/3 Mike Mann
31/3 Adam Dicker
1/4 Alan Dunn

12:00PM, EST. (site not live yet)

Elliot made a post announcing Sahar’s new project and all hell broke loose because Adam Dicker was announced in the lineup. The post now has 165 comments and most of them are from Sahar and Shane Bellone that was the first to accuse Adam Dicker of fraud.

Then Frank Schilling decided not to participate in DomainingAMA without giving a reason. He send a tweet saying:

I will “not” be on Domaining AMA. Sahar should remove me from the line-up.


Sahar replied to Frank with a tweet and  a couple of facebook posts:

Your loss Franky. We will have a dark day on your behalf. It will be noted

For those who give me a confirmation that they are doing a ‪#‎DomainingAMA‬ and then back off for whatever reason after I announce a lineup in good faith, we will have a dark day on their behalf. I will not seek a replacement. It will be their loss as well as the whole community.

Frank Schilling has decided to be a no show after confirming attendance. No reason given. Tuesday 3/29 will be a dark day without a participant unless he shows up. Just FYI.

Today Sahar made another post on Facebook saying he will ignore the critics:

I’m going to ignore the critics, shut down the noise, and continue to do what I believe is the right thing to do. History teaches us, oftentimes the right thing is not the popular thing to do, and I’m fully aware of it. I’m willing to take the heat, I never thought of it as much of a heat as long as I felt it’s the right thing to do. Standing against bullies, giving a protected platform to the voiceless, those are ideas worth protecting. And with that said, I will make mistakes along the way and I’ll own to those mistakes. What would be the world if everything was so easy anyways? I don’t want to live in that world.

I’m starting this with only goodness in my heart, wanting to share, to create something amazing. I don’t even have a business model here, never stopped to think of it. If we provide value, the business model will come.

We may be starting on shaky grounds but we will get it going and I hope the days of trolls running the town is past us, and we can get back to the days where ‪#‎Domaining‬ was great again

We Can Make #Domaining Great Again.

Its up to US.

(Please god, don’t let the trolls win.)

My only comment for now on this issue is this.


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  1. Ridiculous sideshow. It takes a lifetime to build your reputation and 10 minutes to destroy it.

  2. This is one of the most damning pieces of journalism you will see when digital investigators try to track down Sahid in regards to

    They actually confront him at his home, in his driveway, he looks scared, and confused, and in a feminine voice murmurs a few words, and runs inside, and shuts the door, and locks it behind him.

    And he talks about bullies?

  3. Sahar is one of the biggest scumbags this industry has ever had. He will be going away to prison for a long long time, the fraud and case against him for is about to put the hammer down on him. I met many idiots in this industry and Sahar is the biggest one ever, even worse than Adam Dicker which is hard to do.

  4. The proper way to respond- Frank unable to attend and leave it at that. That is his business. Does not need to give a reason. Anyway Doainnsherpa already has this market cornered and does a fantastic job.

    Really I mean the dude has a registrar and 100000s of domains, why would anyone knock on the guy not cool.

  5. Both Sahar Sarid and Adam Dicker have ruined their reputations.

  6. Sounds like a platform for scumbags …Good for Frank on pulling out…It’s going to be easy to pinpoint the scumbags in this industry when they appear on this platform…Scarlet letter of domaining….

    • Did you see the comment [in quotes] by Sahar Sarid after Mike Mann exposed his list of scammers


      Sahar Sarid

      “I will probably invite them soon too” and you and others may have your day to get some answers. I don’t know much about what they have done to you or others but they were nice enough to show me their office in Boston years ago.

      Mike Mann

      Apparently I’ve lost my edge, I prefer to be the most controversial. In any event the biggest crooks in the industry you should interview, disgusting shameless thieves still trying to get in your wallet. Internet Real Estate Group, defunct, Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, Peter Hubshman, Andrew Miller.

  7. “No day is a lousy day to make an announcement that is going to change our lives forever, and so it begins.”

    Is this guy announcing a cure for cancer? Why does he have to sensationalize so much?

    “And with that said, I will make mistakes along the way and I’ll own to those mistakes. What would be the world if everything was so easy anyways? I don’t want to live in that world.”

    Looks like he keeps making the same mistake and just ignoring the consequences. Plus, more dramatization of nothing.

    “We Can Make #Domaining Great Again.”

    Does he think he’s the Donald Trump of domaining now? Domaining and the world would be better off if we never heard from him and Dicker again.

  8. A train-wreck with Sahar at the wheel? Say it ain’t so!

    Maybe the “domainguru” will step up and replace Frank? You two are good buddies!

  9. Frank Schilling made the right move.

    Already Frank has taken some flak merely because Adam repaid a large debt to him (i.e. Uniregistry) right away but didn’t repay many smaller debts to people who are less powerful & more vulnerable. While those folks were strung along for weeks or months, Schilling looked like a privileged insider by contrast. Not Frank’s fault. But conclusions were drawn, fair or not. And this drove a wedge between him and “smaller” domainers. Bad for the “image”.

    Furthermore, Frank Schilling backs .SUCKS, which has already been compared to an extortion racket. Consequently, the last thing he needs is to get his Uniregistry brand embroiled in the controversy surrounding / Hearing that hurricane of hostility surrounding Sahar Sarid and Adam Dicker, Frank smartly decided not to go to the beach.

    Perhaps Frank also realizes how bad this ongoing scandal is for domainers’ sense of community. By appearing n a lineup alongside Adam Dicker, he lends Adam his credibility, countenancing what Dicker has done and enabling him to do it again. While it’s true that Adam Dicker’s experience domaining is worth something, it isn’t worth putting people at risk of being cheated; and it isn’t worth cementing the impression that this industry is run by a small gang of insiders willing to exploit the wider audience. Many domainers already view things that way. Seeing big shots get cozy with Adam Dicker, they feel their cynicism validated. Frank Schilling would damage his reputation if he didn’t distance himself. But, beyond that, he’d damage the conversation about domains in general by exacerbating the “Us versus Them” mentality.

  10. Sahar Sarid posted this on Facebook:

    The release of ‪#‎DomainingAMA‬ is being pushed to 4/4 for first week. No guests next week. Site will go live 4/4.

    • He should change it to Because of his incessant defending of Dicker, his platform will be Dead On Arrival.

  11. I think most of the other participants would have pulled out, hence he isn’t able to launch it next week. Sahar threw those guys under a bus putting them next to Dicker.

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