Photos From NamesCon 2016 (Part 2)

namescon-escrowThis is the second and final part of photos from NamesCom 2016 in Las Vegas.

You can find the first part with 28 photos from NamesCon here.

You can read my thoughts on the conference and a recap of NamesCon 2016 here.

Here are 43 photos from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 11-12-13:

12487256_952272724853527_3834395716056953752_ob 20160111_173144b 20160111_172440b 20160111_143614b 20160111_174302_HDRb 20160111_114055b 20160111_143446b 20160111_221519b 20160111_231341b 20160111_235052b 20160112_001036_HDRb 20160111_222235b 20160111_235712b 20160112_001955b 20160112_002019b 20160112_002921b 20160112_011101b FB_IMG_1452715472950b FB_IMG_1453145272892b 20160112_122540b 20160111_183550_HDRb 20160112_145012b 20160111_114612b 20160111_121132b 20160112_114402b 920749_951095941637872_8361282006192680988_ob 20160112_225420b 20160112_225458b 20160112_231112b 20160113_004228b 20160113_004137b 20160113_011652b 20160112_233614_HDRb FB_IMG_1452882361058b 20160113_141756b 20160113_160623b FB_IMG_1452802508434b 20160113_162537b 20160113_224619b 20160114_113141b 20160114_152037b 20160114_201443bYou can find the first part with 28 photos from NamesCon here.

Here are a few more articles about NamesCon 2016:

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Vegas baby!!!


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. K – I hope to see you on a panel soon. Your knowledge of the domain space would be of great benefit for many…

      • Since we are on the subject, you would be of great benefit to be on a panel as well Joseph.

      • Good idea.
        Joseph, what do you think?
        Me, you and Daniel? 🙂

      • If you are able to put that together, I will give all guests a free opportunity to take a picture with me, like they do with ELVIS.

      • Ha! That would draw a crowd as bloodthirsty as spectators at the colosseum. (Mercifully not as big.)

        Seriously, though, there are more interesting topics to discuss. .XYZ’s past scandal has been hacked to bits already. Hopefully, Daniel isn’t setting us up for any more scandals.

        Sure, I’ll continue to beat that dead horse until the domain industry regulates itself properly. But as for the future? Daniel is welcome to earn back part of the reputation he lost, and .XYZ is welcome to enjoy the modest fringe success I think it deserves … outside the headlines.

      • P.S. Much as I’ve criticized his public actions as CEO, I’ve never disliked Daniel. In person, he’s quite likable. Doesn’t mean I trust him 100%!

        This industry lets people get away with murder. Daniel and NetSol sped down the rush-hour freeway at 150 mph in between the lanes. I just wish we had cops to issue fines for that sort of thing.

        In fact, it was a pleasant surprise that – out of 1200 NamesCon attendees – I met only 2 dirtbags. Daniel wasn’t 1 of them.

      • Hmmm…
        That is 2 more than me.
        Yes, Daniel is a very good to hang out with.

  2. Those are some great pictures, much better than the ones I took! Thanks for sharing them and as always good to see you. Hope to catch up with you more.

  3. Angela made a good point about the NamesCon decal on the pool table: it changed the balls’ physics. 😛 But our victory was expected.

  4. Great pics! Was great to catch up with you again Konstantinos! Keep up the great work!


  5. Great photos! K. Zournas, post them all at 🙂
    Beautiful people 🙂

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