Photos From NamesCon 2016 (Part 1)

namescon-escrowThis is the first part of photos from NamesCom 2016 in Las Vegas.

You can read my thoughts on the conference and a recap of NamesCon 2016 here.

Here are 28 photos from Saturday and Sunday, January 09-10:

20160109_130643b20160109_222255b20160109_223351_HDRb 20160110_005935b 20160110_010002b 20160110_121800b 20160110_122905b 20160110_130044b 20160110_130913b 20160110_130920b 20160110_130927b 20160110_140836b 20160110_150341b 20160110_150400b 20160110_153859b 20160110_154123b 20160110_154133b 20160110_161842b 20160110_171420b FB_IMG_1453328001130b 20160110_212903_HDRb 20160110_220501b 20160110_221620b 20160110_221816b 20160110_222525b 20160110_223729b 20160110_223735b 20160110_223740bHere are a few more articles about NamesCon 2016:

Mike Berkens Buys Stock .Photo For $16k – Sells It With Stock .Photos For $60k

The Official NamesCon 2016 Domain Name Auction Results Reveals New Website & Announces Many Changes Coming Soon

Videos With Frank Schilling & Matt Barrie From @NamesCon 2016

What Is The Chance Of This Happening?

NamesCon 2016 – My Thoughts On A Stellar Domain Conference

Vegas baby!!!


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  1. Vegas baby! I forgot to switch my cam to non-mirror mode 😛 Negari’s shirt reads “zyx”

  2. Man, love those pictures. I think you had a great time at the namecon. I wish I would be able to afford such conferences in the future.

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