.EU Registry Desperate For EUR 300 Domain Complaints?

The fee for a basic .eu Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure will continue to be discounted, following an agreement between the .eu registry EURid and the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC), the institution appointed to rule on Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings for the .eu top-level domain in 2005.

The announcement heralds the fifth year in a row that the cost of .eu ADR proceedings has been reduced. A complaint in 2012 costed 600 Euro instead of the standard 1300 Euro. This year the cost of a single domain complaint is down to 300 Euro. At this rate I guess the .eu complaints will be free in a couple of years. Is this what they trying to do?

As of 01/01/2016 there will be a temporary discount on ADR fees of EUR 1000 per filing an ADR complaint. The discount will be granted per each filed complaint irrespective of the number of domain names in dispute and the type of panel requested (for example the fee for disputing one domain name before the single-member panel will be EUR 300 instead of EUR 1 300, the fee for disputing six domain names before the three-member panel will be EUR 3 000 EUR instead of EUR 4 000 etc.). The discount is applicable to all complaints submitted until 31/12/2016. However, Czech Arbitration Court at its sole discretion may decide at any time to stop this special promotion. Please see the complete schedule of fees here.


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  1. Discounts? Special promotion? For an arbitration court?

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