No Domain Name Is Worth That Much!

gtldsI get many inquiries and a lot of the people are trying to convince me to accept their low ball offer. I find quite amusing the times they are trying to convince me that no domain name is worth more than $500 and I should take their offer or forever regret it.

Here are a few of the things that potential domain name buyers tell me:

  1. No domain name is worth that much. (more than $500? Oh yes it does! Google it!)
  2. No .org domain is worth that much. (yes they are!)
  3. No one will offer you more than than what I offer you, ever! (sure except maybe the 10 people before you that offered me at least 5 times that)
  4. No domain with the words “open” or “free” in it is worth that much. Take $500. (tens of “open” domains have been sold for up to 5 figures)
  5. I am the only buyer for this domain name. (for a common surname)

Sometimes I don’t really know how to respond to these emails. They are either ignorant or they refuse to face the truth or completely disregard common sense.

I am sorry but I don’t get this “No Domain Name Is Worth That Much!” mentality. The domain name is mine and I will not sell it for less than $xxxxx. Maybe I just don’t want to sell it at all!


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. At least you weren’t offered booze & chocolates in exchange for a five figure domain 😀

  2. i think some people get their brain in a twist when they realize they are too poor to afford the domain they want.

  3. It is still a common perception that a domain name is a low $xx item. OK maybe a low $xxx item for a really phenomenal name. Meanwhile the same company is paying four and five figure invoices on a regular basis. FYI. I work in accounting / finance so I see how much companies spend on other expenditures.

  4. Kostas,
    Let me add this one to your list of buyers “reactions”:
    6 – “Do you think you can sell it for xxxxxxxxx”. It’s impossible!”
    We got it from some guys … LOL! 😀

  5. I like when they offer low ball and you know they are going to spend ten times this on the website and seo , some people think that the website is more important than the domain name but really they are both as equal if not leaning towards the domain name lets face it no matter how good your website is how great it works if nobody can find it or remember it no body will ever see it let alond use it , i am with sometimes unless the right money is offered i would rather keep them

  6. Sure, it’s ridiculous. But when you stop to think about it, such behavior is quite offensive.

    I’d never dream of going into an art gallery, offer $20 for a painting listed for $2k or $20k, argue with the gallery owner about the value of what he sells, and tell a professional who deals in artwork that he or she doesn’t know as much as I do.

    Same for buying a car. Haggling is fine. But if the salesmen can point to facts and figures, maybe I should respect his experience.

  7. Here is what I received today for one of my domain:

    “Surely some money is better than no money… It’s not like this is a domain that anybody else is going to buy. Just because its such a obscure demain”

    Someone ask such foolish people that if a domain YOU inquired first is “obscure” than why the hell you showed interest in buying it and offering me $200 for which I would not even accept $2,000!

    • It also the “you paid $10 so $200 is more than enough and great profit”!
      As I said above I wouldn’t sell Action Comics with the first appearance of Superman for $200 just because I paid $10 in 1938!
      I want to be paid what the magazine is worth today. Too bad you weren’t around to buy it for $10 also.

      And how do you know how much I paid for? People are paying millions to buy domains. They don’t want a-holes coming the next day offering them $100.

  8. Just point them to DNJournal’s sales reports.

    • They either say that these people paying a lot of money are crazy or that my domain is not good enough. Or very few day that they didn’t know domains were sold for that much and apologize. That is the exception.

  9. Simply include a return link to DnJournal sales lists, the weekly and the yearly data, this should justify a reasonable price on most domains, cheers

  10. Should make this my new auto-responder for these offers.

    Hi there,
    Thanks for e-mailing me. You’re receiving this auto-response for one or more reasons. Please look for the ‘X’ in the box to determine which reasons apply to you.

    [ ] You’ve incorrectly assumed a domain name is not worth my asking price because you’ve never heard of one selling for that much. In this case, please visit for a searchable database of domain name sales.

    [ ] You’ve insinuated that I’m either a ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ person for buying and selling domain names instead of developing them. Much like stocks, houses, or other classes of assets, domain names have many types of value. All of these have been factored into my pricing strategy, even if you’re unaware of them. Except in rare circumstances, I’m under no obligation to develop them unless I choose to, and this is not one of those circumstances

    [ ] You’ve insisted the amount in a prior e-mail is your ‘final’, ‘best’, or ‘highest’ offer for this domain name. As this is significantly below my asking price and far less than the domain is worth, I hereby reject your offer. Consider hand-registering a .info or .mobi if you’re unable to raise the money necessary to buy a quality domain.

    [ ] You’re under the impression that I need to sell this domain name, or that I ‘must sell’ this domain name as soon as possible. I assure you that I am reasonably financially stable, and have no need to sell this name for less than it’s worth.

    [ ] After hearing my offer, you’ve claimed that my domain was ‘not good enough’. Why, may I ask, did you believe it was when you first reached out? If you need to put others down just to feel better about yourself, no domain name can help you with that. Consider an appointment with a psychologist to further assist you.

    [ ] You’ve responded with a statement like ‘domain names shouldn’t cost more than the hand-registering cost’. You might also be under the impression that a Ferrari should cost the same as a Honda because they both perform the same function. Once you’ve driven a Ferrari, you’ll know why it costs more.


  11. A doctor requested a price on a new gtld that’s an exact match for his specialty. I gave him the price, about 15k. So he writes back to offer a couple hundred dollars. Imagine if I were to offer him 50 cents for an office visit. 🙂

  12. The best way is not to respond to such stupid emails. Then no more stupid emails again from the same person. I don’t even reply to inquiries that simply ask for price. If somebody wants to buy a domain name, he/she should present a serious price to the seller. Domain trading is not something like buying and selling something on a street market. So when I want to buy a domain from its holder, I always offer my best price. If the domain holder does not accept it, fine. There is no deal for him from me.

  13. “Yes I’m interested but your demand isn’t serious. I can’t get such domains in $9.99.”


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